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HTML Email - Bullet Proof CTA Button

While we refer to code-based buttons as bulletproof, in reality, nothing in email design is actually bulletproof. Inconsistent rendering engines and lack of standards means that no bulletproof...

Center Responsive Homothetic Block (Without flex-box)

Simple as possible (snippet series).

Center Responsive Homothetic Block Without flex-box.

This is the simplest solution I've found to center an homothetic block (geometrically similar) in a...

Simple burger button

HTML attributes and default values:

Parameter Default value Explanation
data-toggle null list of selectors on witch will be added given active class
data-toggle-class active active class...

Independently Styling Underline Color

Styling Underline Color

Styling Underline Color

If you've ever wanted to set the color of the underline for underlined text separately from the text color, you may have come across the CSS...

Making a Glowing Button

Glowing Button

Glowing Button, Just for Kicks

I got a wild hair the other day to make a glowing button. The basic idea was simple and straightforward: create a button that has a glowing look, as it...

JavaScript - Snippets

30: JavaScript

Basic Language Feature




booleans (true/false)




arrays, functions, regular expressions and objects are objects in JavaScript