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Creating a Bower Package for CSS3 flexbox HTML5 scaffolding idea

I recently added Bower to manage front-end dependencies for Ambient (semantic layout), which is an idea I have for HTML5 scaffolding with CSS3 flexbox & layout attributes for extending the most...

Installing Dependencies in Node

Well, as seen in previous blogs, we have our server working with Express and also our page has more contents thanks to Jade. But it is not really funny to install manually Express and Jade every...

Advanced BEM with React components

The past week or so I've spent quite a lot of time putting together react-tabbordion component. It is my first contribution to npm and also the first time I've managed to put up WebPack and...

Iniciando con node.js - Parte I

¿Qué debo saber antes de empezar a utilizar Node.js?

Es muy mencionado que Node.js nos permite ejecutar código javascript de lado del servidor y para lograrlo utiliza el motor V8 de Google Chrome,...

NodeJS Concepts and Explanation BASICS

Twitter: @lawsonoates

NOTE: Information based on a Windows 10 computer.

This is a great tutorial to get started with Node. You will learn what Node is, how it works and the background information...

NodeJS Setup and Installation BASICS

Twitter: @lawsonoates

NOTE: Information based on a Windows 10 computer.

In this tutorial I will show you how to get going with Node JS and NPM. After this tutorial your computer will be set to...

npm Packages



List installed packages

  $ npm ls --depth 0 


Search package

  npm search eslint 


Install package

  $ npm install eslint@latest -D 


Check outdated packages

  $ npm...

Developing on Codepen

Developing on Codepen

Recently my personal computer died completely and being a poor recent college grad I have been forced to do all my development on my work computer, however because I am...

Using EQCSS as a JavaScript Module with Webpack

Since version 1.5.0 EQCSS has been written in a modularized way. It follows the UMD module style so it's able to be loaded by module loaders as a module with is own scope. If it's loaded...

NPM Scripts and My Decision to Drop Gulp

I have spent time using Grunt. I have spent a bit more time with Gulp. But now, after being shown the capabilities of using NPM scripts, I am making the switch to NPM as my build tool of choice.


npm install dependencies and devDependencies

Lately I wasn't able to install both dependencies and devDependencies with npm install. The answer lays on npm configuration, according to its documentation installing devDependencies along...

Getting started with npm

Getting started with npm

Official : npm

1. Install npm

Official : Node.js download page

When you download Node.js, you automatically get npm installed on your computer.

2. Update npm


About node-sass-chokidar

About node-sass-chokidar

Official : node-sass-chokidar

1. Overview

A thin wrapper module around node-sass executable to use chokidar instead of Gaze when watching files.

2. Installation


About npm-run-all

About npm-run-all

Official : npm-run-all

1. Overview

Before : npm run clean && npm run build:css && npm run build:js && npm run build:html
After : npm-run-all clean...

How to Update Node.js, npm & Global Packages and Make Sure Everything Still Works

So first, an admission: I've never really understood how Node.js works, especially its relationship to npm, globally installed packages, and honestly even where the hell it lived on my...