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Fun with Web Audio API

I love music. I love math. I'm an engineer. Maybe that's why I love the Web Audio API.

The Web Audio API is very powerful. The way you can create audio nodes and chain them together is very...

The Making of Rasta Lines

I would like to show you my two Pens that led to Rasta Lines, a 3D visualisation of music soundwaves done with Web Audio API. I believe in short feedback loops, knowing that I'm on the right...

Rails Playing Audio Files

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Jamming With Rails

Since getting into podcasts and recently purchasing some Spanish courses on CD there has been a rather sharp increase in audio files on my...

Audio Pila! Albums

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Group of Songs

The next logical feature for Audio Pila! is to group audio files by Album. This also gives us the opportunity to upload an image to display while...

Playlists Are The New Mix Tape

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Playlists For One and All

It’s so frustrating to have to recreate your favorite playlists in a new music service. I’m hoping that implementing the feature in ...

Albums 3rd Draft

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Album Order

While writing up the Albums 2nd Draft post I added an integer field to the Audio class to determine the order of Audio files in an Album, but we never...

Playlists 2nd Draft

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Playing Playlists and Additional Features

Right, we’ve already whipped up the JavaScript/CoffeeScript needed to play Albums, and we should be able to adjust...

Album/Playlist Player With React and Rails

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Almost There

In the last post we migrated the HTML5 audio element and associated JavaScript playback handling to React. This time we’re ready to migrate the...

Hi there!

I'm Filio, I'm learning to code the best I can.

I'll share things.

I'm learning on Udacity.

I love cars and technologies related.

I'm from Mexico!.

I write and I do music too.

Interactive retro radio player

Interactive 70's radio player / Pure CSS/Jquery

Check out the full working version here
Interactive Sangean WR-11 radio player, made purely with CSS &...