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Posts tagged math

From Developer To Front-End Engineer (week 10)


Welcome to the second Chapter of my story where we track the journey that it takes to evolve from a designer into a front-end engineer. In the first 9 weeks we introduced this...

Circles are pretty awesome

This tutorial is about circles, the canvas element, and a little bit of math. I will cover the basics, and show how you can use the properties of a circle to generate natural motion with very...

Phaser Motion Paths

There are many situations in game programming and animation that call for motion paths; a racing car speeding around a track or the sun slowly rising and setting. In fact, any scenario where we...

Mess Creator Tutorial

this is my first post, so don't judge strictly.

Hi humans!

So, this is my little explanation, tutorial if you want, of the pen I made a few days ago called "Mess Creator". Some positive...

Making filesize human readable


   function filesizeToReadable(size) { var LN1024 = Math.log(1024), // OR just use the constant 6.9314718055994530941723212145818 units = ['B', 'KB', 'MB', 'GB'],...

Math.random() + arrays

.Math.random() + arrays

I was having trouble when generating a random thing because I couldn't get it's value. I used an if statement, but that didn't work. Here's my code: