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A Common Principle of Boolean Algebra as Stated in George Boole's 'Mathematical Analysis of Logic':

A Common Principle of Boolean Algebra: xy = y

Pencil Sketch of George Boole" src="https://mathsandcomedy.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/george-boole-600dpi-ammended.jpg

Figure 1: I am, at present...

The Classics can make STEM easier: Latin names of Formal Logic (Boolean) Symbols


It is my contention that the knowledge of Latin and Greek make STEM[1] easier to learn. A huge number of STEM terms are derived from Greek and Latin.

The etymology of STEM:


The Famous Syllogism in Greek, Latin and English:

The Famous Syllogism[1] in Greek, Latin and English:

A Pencil Portrait of George Boole.

Figure 1: I drew this pencil portrait of George Boole (1815-1864) with Pencils and Photoshop. The...