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Posts tagged gulp

Feeding JSON data to Jade templates from a Gulp script

Suppose you build something with Gulp using Jade templates. Suppose you have some data you've put to JSON. Lots of reason to do that. As succint as Jade is compared to HTML it's still not...

Using Jade with Gulp

In this tutorial I'm going to step you through how to setup the awesome Jade Template Engine using the build system gulp. But first, a brief introduction on why someone would want to use Jade.


How I Modularize JS patterns using Browserify and Vue.js

I've been working on an effective way to streamline the way an application registers modules. All you really need is a few lines of code to create a simple module detector!

  This is the structure...

Rocking Static Sites with Mimogear

Crank up the Torque

Metal Gear Rock

Day by day we rock the development world. Our pens can make us smile, strike a curious chord, and tell a charming story. Our projects can spark creativity, change...

NPM Scripts and My Decision to Drop Gulp

I have spent time using Grunt. I have spent a bit more time with Gulp. But now, after being shown the capabilities of using NPM scripts, I am making the switch to NPM as my build tool of choice.