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Jekyll Project Website on Github

jekyll default screeny

I'm working on a website for the DVD Pila! project, and working with the Jekyll static site generator. The documentation is a quick read and so far has been detailed...

Migrating Code and ConfigParser

Discourse and PHP Woo

I've gotten around to migrating the actual code for the DVD Pila! web app. It's now officiall more than just a Github pages webasite.

I think from a design aspect...

From Front-End Dev To Software Engineer (week 44)

Fixing Altered Author Github History (Alonsy!)

Once upon a time, there was this dude who noticed something weird with his team's GitHub history. Being the investigatory journalist he was...

Advanced BEM with React components

The past week or so I've spent quite a lot of time putting together react-tabbordion component. It is my first contribution to npm and also the first time I've managed to put up WebPack and...

GitHub Step by Step

Create a new directory, within the Git directory

Initialize the local git directory: git init

Add files to the directory

View status: git status

To start tracking changes, add the file to the...

Publishing a hosted JavaScript/HTML Windows 10 App

I recently upgraded my home computer to Windows 10 and came to think of a tweet I saw a while ago. It was something like "change three lines of code and then submit your Pen to the Windows App...

Commit Pens to Github in the browser

I don't consider myself a programmer. I just like to make things, things on the web. Generally I use github pages to host my web apps. But deploying on github is a pain with the command line...

CodePanion: Why GitHub token?

I recently created a project called CodePanion that allows web devs, specifically CodePenners, to commit a web url (or pen) to GitHub. It uses the GitHub API to make calls to GitHub and commit a...

6 Atom Packages every front end dev should have

Atom from Github is rapidly becoming the text editor of choice with front end developers nowadays possibly because it's been developed with technologies we are familiar with such as HTML, CSS...

You Shouldn't Always Write Your Own Software

It has long been believed that if you are capable of writing your own software you should. Software companies, stand-alone developers and so on. To this end, a lot of companies invest many man...

The Jekyll Experience


I've been building websites for more than a decade, you would think that by now I would have the absolutely best workflow for building a website, but alas, I am still learning and...

Developing on Codepen

Developing on Codepen

Recently my personal computer died completely and being a poor recent college grad I have been forced to do all my development on my work computer, however because I am...

Git Basics and GitHub

Summary of Git-It guide: jlord.github.io/git-it

Install Git

Git is a program for version control, which is a way to keep track of changes over time.

go to windows.github.com to install. git shell...

Continuous Release on Github with Grunt

TL:DR; Just show me the Gruntfile!

This post will describe the release tasks I've written for Grunt which work seamlessly with our existing continuous deployment pipeline on Codeship. I also...

Social Coding — better. faster. stronger.

Social Coding — better. faster. stronger.

By Sasha Yee (Back end developer)

Social coding is an approach to development that places an emphasis on formal and informal collaboration.

If only they...

git and github

Git e Github Básico

Olá pessoal vamos aprender como criar um repositorio de código no github que será nosso servidor (repositório remoto) e também como versionar nosso código e guardar nesse...

Setup SSH with Github

What's this all about?

Getting SSH keys setup on your machine can be a frustrating task. All of us developers simply want start coding already, but we have to deal with setting this stuff up...

6. Github Commands

Day to day usful Github commands:

Git clone:

Makes a Git repository copy from a remote source.

Adds the original location as a remote so you can fetch from it again and push to it if you have...

Git Please

How to force push without being a jerk.

Don't be like Anakin

As the size of a dev team grows, so does the likelihood of someone doing a force push and overwriting someone else’s code.


My Quest To Become A Better Developer Pt. 1


At the end of 2017 I wanted to set new goals to challenge myself and become a better developer . Last year I challenged myself to add a new Pen to my CodePen profile about once every two...

Git-ing Started (with GitHub)

How about that title there? Yeah it's rough. The other day I went through the process of adding new code to a large commercial GitHub repository. I sort of stumbled through it, so I wanted to...

Hacking mikrotik routers with: dëmi


Mikrotik Auto Exploiter using BigNerd95 Chimay-Red (Working POC of Mikrotik exploit from Vault 7 CIA Leaks)


Clone repository: git clone https://github.com/adalenv/demi.git

cd to demi: ...

How to Clone and Push Changes to your Github Repository in 4 minutes

Hi all! I recently had to write up some directions at work on how to clone and push changes to Github and I thought I’d post it here. Hope this helps any beginners out there!

How to create a...