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Empty Branch With Git

So I wanted to setup a Github style scenario for my latest Android app's website. I love using Jekyll with Github Pages, and wanted to build a site using Jekyll to host myself. I first thought...







正規表現パターン: #(\d+)

と置き換えます: <a...

Very useful alias for git command

Some very useful alias for git command to improve your productivity

You need to add these alias in your .bashrc file, you can either open and edit this file or from command line you can write vim...

Git Commits with GUI and Ruby

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Of the many ways to create a graphical interface with Ruby I like the web the best, heh. Sometimes it’s fun to have a native GUI though. In earlier posts I...

Ruby Gems, Documentation, and Git

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I’m not sure of the origin of packages, probably sometime back in the 60s, but they are super useful at this time. There are package managers for practically...

Git Basic

Git Basic

Check version

  git --version 

User name and email

  git config --global user.name Arthur git config --global user.name git config --global user.email a@m.com git config --global user.email...

Change the Email Address for a Git Commit

Change the email address for a git commit.

  $ git commit --amend --author="Author Name <email@address.com>" 


  $ git commit --amend --reset-author 

If you need to change the author...

Git Basics and GitHub

Summary of Git-It guide: jlord.github.io/git-it

Install Git

Git is a program for version control, which is a way to keep track of changes over time.

go to windows.github.com to install. git shell...

Social Coding — better. faster. stronger.

Social Coding — better. faster. stronger.

By Sasha Yee (Back end developer)

Social coding is an approach to development that places an emphasis on formal and informal collaboration.

If only they...

Git - When to Merge vs. When to Rebase / Merge vs. Rebase

Rule of thumb

Use rebase when pulling changes from origin/develop onto your local develop.

Use merge when finishing a feature branch and want your changes back to develop.

Derek Gourlay

git and github

Git e Github Básico

Olá pessoal vamos aprender como criar um repositorio de código no github que será nosso servidor (repositório remoto) e também como versionar nosso código e guardar nesse...

Git Please

How to force push without being a jerk.

Don't be like Anakin

As the size of a dev team grows, so does the likelihood of someone doing a force push and overwriting someone else’s code.


Bash Shortcuts To Enhance Your Git Workflow

The more you work with Git, the faster you’ll learn its workflows.

Here are some of the tasks that me and my team do daily:

Create and name branches

Count commits for squashing

Update master to...

My Most used git commands.

A summary of my most used git commands, since it's always good to have them in mind.

Basic usage:

creating new branch

$ git checkout -b [name_of_your_new_branch]

change working branch


Git-ing Started (with GitHub)

How about that title there? Yeah it's rough. The other day I went through the process of adding new code to a large commercial GitHub repository. I sort of stumbled through it, so I wanted to...

How to Clone and Push Changes to your Github Repository in 4 minutes

Hi all! I recently had to write up some directions at work on how to clone and push changes to Github and I thought I’d post it here. Hope this helps any beginners out there!

How to create a...