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Plug and Play Flips

Show and Tell them with this simple effect. Flips are an easy way to enhance your achievements or collectables.

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Simple Card Flip


689 - Taiwan Flip

2016/01/16 開票結束後,
因為看到有網友做了這個很有趣的 689 翻轉 GIF
於是抽空用 CSS 實作看看~

然後綠色上層加上 opacity 的 animation 變化
不直接拿 background-color 做 animation 是因為要避免 re-paint ~

689 - Taiwan Flip


Making Massive improvements to performance on all Modern Web platforms/browsers

When using CSS, there are many ways to increase performance, from using only repaintless animations to minimising the effect of a repainting animation such as colour changing. Of course there are...