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Filtered background with fallback for legibility


Can you use @supports instead of this trick?

You know what’s hot right now? Big, high-quality, Retina-crisp JPEGs, blurred into a header background:

[[[pen slug-hash='RaprZK'...

Fixing the white glow in the CSS blur() filter

Have you used filter: blur(), and were disappointed with the soft halo around the filtered element? Would you like to fix that?

[[[pen slug-hash='yOxMab' height='500'...

A Better Accessible Contrast Checker (HELP WANTED)

Readable text contrast is a foundation of web accessibility.

But boy does it suck to double-check. You have to find all the text/background combinations in your site, then paste them into a tool....

SVG waves with feDisplacementMap

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