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aTmpl · Адаптивный сайт

Адаптивный дизайн · Адаптивные шаблоны

Мы создаём собственные элементы адаптивного дизайна, а так же демонстрируем лучшие работы сторонних разработчиков.
Разрабатываем адаптивные шаблоны для сайтов...

Simplistic Design

If you are just reading this because you have nothing else to do with your life

Hello and thanks for reading this. I am coming out with a design called Simplistic Design that is inspired by...

Objection deck

When a client comes to you with an objection you pull a card or a combo: * Answer with question * Dont know -> lets find out together * Embrace -> pivot * Ask why / what motivation is behind...


I wrote about my concept for a few days. Now, I hope it's not something you can not wait for. Why unite all horizontal and vertical beings is something no easy that can be done. I like this...