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Let's Codepen together

I am on a 'design warpath' at the moment and I looking for other Codepen folks who are interested in designing something together. As I understand it, the pro feature allows for pair...

Diseño fluído (flexbox)

Por diseño flexible o fluído (flexbox) se entiende la característica que tiene el layout de una página web de adaptar su contenido de acuerdo al tamaño de la pantalla del dispositivo desde el que...

Design is Hard: The Considerations Behind Resizeable Editors, a Minor Design Feature

We've just released a new feature in the editor here on CodePen: drag-resizeable editors. We wanted you to be able to drag the editors manually to the size you want. On paper, that design...


Studio CSSMFC Productions brings up the heat. New custom MyFreeCams profile designs, Chaturbate bio designs and lots of resources for both models and premium registered users. Download MyFreeCams -...

aTmpl · Адаптивный сайт

Адаптивный дизайн · Адаптивные шаблоны

Мы создаём собственные элементы адаптивного дизайна, а так же демонстрируем лучшие работы сторонних разработчиков.
Разрабатываем адаптивные шаблоны для сайтов...

From Developer To Front-End Engineer (week 16)

Live Or Die With Material Design

Welcome to week 16! We are just mushing along, eh? Like it or not, 2014 has been the ‘Year of Google’. They brought us a better Angular, introduced Polymer, Google...

From Developer To Front-End Engineer (week 20)

The Struggle Is Real

Hey guys & gals! We are at it again to talk fun stuff like developing and everything that it entails. Last week I came to you with an update of where we are at with ...

Google Material Design CSS library could be a twitter bootstrap killer?

Why Google Material Design CSS library could be a twitter bootstrap killer

Google Material Design CSS library could be a twitter bootstrap killer?

Google has developing a new Material Design CSS...

Think big with vh and vw

These underutilized properties allow you to scale elements in proportion to the viewport.

What do vh and vw measure?

vh - measures the viewport height

vw - measures the viewport width


Intra Page Loads

Let's make the web faster

I frequent Google queries (who doesn't?) for inspiration and consequently see hundreds of beautiful sites.
But so often, the web feels slow!!

It's probably 2...

Why Do Sites Cost More?

On average technology in the web moves quickly, but at times not quite quick enough. When it doesn't move so quickly, there tends to be enough time for bad habits to form. One that still causes...

Challenging the Web Gods and the Status-Quo

Welcome to our website! We hope you enjoy the slick image covering the entire screen. See the brightly colored call-to-action button? Yeah, that’s right, the Sunbaked Terracotta one. Go ahead and...

Designing for Itty Bitty Screens: Take One

I admit I have developed quite an interest in smart watches and wearables over the last few weeks. Wearing a device that allows me to check the weather and lurk on twitter feeds just sounds really...

Typografi: Pixel-Perfect Photoshop til CSS

Hvordan afkoder man de typografiske begreber i Photoshop, så de kan bruges i et stylesheet til hjemmesider?

Typografi er et utroligt vigtigt designelement, som de fleste integratorer overser, når...

Future of Web Development

Or: An Open Letter to Advertising Agencies

When I left my position at my last company, the president asked me to generate a document outlining considerations for changes to their web development...

Better Responsive Breakpoints Naming


With the rise of responsive web design and CSS preprocessors, the breakpoints were generally named phone tablet desktop to easily differenciate the devices on which the design...

Isometric Pure-CSS Server

Isometric Server

Credit for server design goes to Csaba Gyulai, check out the original artwork, Thought it would be fun to re-make...

Pedestrian accessibility in Vienna, Austria

I spent a week in Vienna, Austria - attending the 2016 Perl Dancer framework conference where I spoke on inclusive design and accessibility.

Amongst the beautiful baroque architecture, I noticed...

Design Sprint Notes

Design Sprints - Google Ventures

The Spirit Book

By @jazer

These are my notes from a recent meet up at Context Media.

Sprint process:

Goals -> Ideas -> Argue -> Build -> Ship -> Test...

CodePen & Iosevka

The CodePen team should definitely add Iosevka to their list of fonts that are available in the editor. Here's some reasons why:

Freq. Releases/Open to Changes

The maintainer of Iosevka,...

Some Thoughts

I've been busy lately so I'd forgotten to post here. My apologies!! But I'd like to briefly tough on something. Namely jobs. Now when I started to learn to code over a year ago I...

The Aesthetics of Headers and Navigation

In a recent post on Reddit there was a question about whether or not the poster should learn more CSS in order to create more unique headers that would make his/her designs stand out. (See the...

Hot and Sticky: The Process

Hot and Sticky

The Idea

After finding out this month's Creative Coding Club topic was "Hot and Sticky", I began...

User Centered Design vs Task Centered Design

User centered design and task centered design.

The idea of this post comes from the over used term "user centered design" that I keep seeing everywhere. I was listening the other day this...

Designing mock-up with Polymer

Reference : Creating mock-up with Polymer

Polymer + React = Polyreact

Design the layout on the Polyreact.

1. Layout guidelines for website prototype

Principle : List Detail

The merits will be...

Why side projects are important?

This is not a post about code, but to make you code. Or design, or do more of what you like.

I could go ahead and summarise this with a: - No job is perfect. But side projects, or rather, my own...

Simplistic Design

If you are just reading this because you have nothing else to do with your life

Hello and thanks for reading this. I am coming out with a design called Simplistic Design that is inspired by...

image hover effect > Spread out images

Please check https://codepen.io/ZinMar91/pen/PaoLma. This is only sample of how to spread out hidden images.

Remark : you should use png type image if you want to use this.

Animated image borders, clean.

Image design

Sleepy Cat

Red Flours

Color Combination Finder

Use this pen to find nice color combinations for your page!

It was used a function do generate randomly 3 diferent collors, then the .animate() (function of jquery-color) make the .css() on the...

Objection deck

When a client comes to you with an objection you pull a card or a combo: * Answer with question * Dont know -> lets find out together * Embrace -> pivot * Ask why / what motivation is behind...


I wrote about my concept for a few days. Now, I hope it's not something you can not wait for. Why unite all horizontal and vertical beings is something no easy that can be done. I like this...

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