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fuk da popo

this is an experiment combining several diferent aproaches to animation (Dec 2014) used on the web and in media production. i really hope to only scratch the surface while focusing on:


CSS tricks

(1) Hide an element, and keep its :after or :before element

   #myspan { font-size:0px; } #myspan:after { font-size:16px; content:"*" } 

(2). CSS multiple background:

  html, body { background-image:...








过渡(transition) 必须要触发才能执行

动画(animation) 则不用触发也可以执行


声明动画名称:animation-name:lyj; css div{ width: 300px;...

Task Managers

We all know its hard to find

Task Managers,

And I had always wanted to code one, but I had no knowledge. So I give you My taskmanagers, for those who need and use them, and in adition to that, you...