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Hello, my name is Jonai, I am 25 years old and I am teaching myself how to code.

Woo, that was hard! I have always been interested in computers and how they work. It amazes me how far computers...

From Developer To Front-End Engineer (week 27)

The Formula For Being a Developer

Hello again folks! It’s that time to talk growth and progress for this journey which I’ve been involved in of transformation from a front-end developer to a [now]...

처음배우는 HTML, CSS - PART.3

처음배우는 HTML, CSS 마지막 수업에 사용된 첫번째 샘플

Sample Page 01

Ace Editor for Webix UI

Ace Editor for Webix UI

Ace is a handy JavaScript code editor. It combines the possibilities and behavior of popular editors like Sublime, Vim and TextMate. Ace is maintained as the primary editor...

How I Learned to Code

I always wantedto turnweb ideas turn into reality, however, I had no idea where to start. I had trouble finding articles about how to begin and the ones I read weren't written for the...

How to build diversity into your code?

~ By Jiro Ghianni ~

Why wouldn't you be super interested to look for ways to make technology more diversity-friendly for any minority? I know I'd like to build a world that represents me...

Mastering the SOLID Programming Principles

Mastering SOLID Programming Principles

SOLID stands for the 5 principles of Object Oriented Programming developed by Robert C. Martin back in the 90’s. The principles are intended to serve as a...

First Week of Freecodecamp Coding

Freecodecamp logo

Code Camp: 1st Week

Mostly I can't continue daily base plans. Because I believe regular improvements but not daily challanges. In regular development, you can miss a couple of...

My First Week on Codepen

I just wanted to reflect on the past week or so of programming here on Codepend and mark a personal milestone as I finally got my foot into some of the well-known online etools for coders.


My first month as a Web Developer

My very first month as a developer and my beginning as a Talent Scout!

Hi, everybody! It is almost a month since I started working at Kaarten Carrousel as a developer. It is such a great work...

How to map user according to his IP and Country, useful for pricing and products based upon global customer-base #DograsWeblog

Article to map/redirect user based on IP/Country:

While working on a project, there occured a serious issue. What company need is to show different types of plan rates to different countries and...

Task Managers

We all know its hard to find

Task Managers,

And I had always wanted to code one, but I had no knowledge. So I give you My taskmanagers, for those who need and use them, and in adition to that, you...

The 7 Biggest Python Coding Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Python development has been in the forefront of the coding scene for quite some time now. This object-oriented programming language features dynamic semantics and allows for a plethora of ...

Trigger the small modal with a button

<!DOCTYPE html>

Bootstrap Example

Small Modal

Open Small Modal

Modal Header

This is a small modal.


What's My Scratch Profile?

My scratch profile is at This link. Go check it out! there are some cool projects on there. Meanwhile, here is my FIRST pen. it is a basic HTML website.

[[[pen slug-hash='MRXXNB'...

When Testers and Developers Join Hands

The idea of testers and developers working together had floated for a while, but its implementation has begun to take place recently. The agile methodology has been the pioneer in creating...