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CSS is sick

The world is full of errors, this is a general error of all the css properties, which allows you to validate as normal in all browsers!

A valid error or generated improvements is an evolutionary...


Hello, my name is Jonai, I am 25 years old and I am teaching myself how to code.

Woo, that was hard! I have always been interested in computers and how they work. It amazes me how far computers...

An introduction

Hi and welcome! First an explanation of what this is. A blog yes, sort of, not really. It's a codepen blog. which means it is geared specifically towards code and code snippets often of the web...

Big Thanks to CodePen

Thank You to the CodePen Guys!

I marvel every day at how insane and incredible it is that there is so much free, and nearly free, software and code and assets avaiable online. FREE! And pretty good...

Checking out what Codepen is all about!

Markdown is cool!

Sweet Dreams are not what I had last night.

Going to write some code now, k bai.


From Developer To Front-End Engineer (week 34)

Digging Into Code: Topeka pt.II

Hello all! Welcome to week two of the Digging Into Code: Topeka mini-series where we are reverse engineering the ever so awesome Topeka app by the Polymer Team. Last...

Introducing Backdoor Code Editor

So Why Backdoor?

There were a couple of reasons that lead me to deciding that I was going to create this editor. Just to give a brief history of how I got here, a couple of years ago I created a...


Hello everyone!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Zuhib Daud aka "NYZ" and I'm a passionate and creative web developer. Originally, born and raised in New York but currently...

5 meetups for female coders in Febraury

These are the best meetups for female coders in Atlanta during February

Atlanta is one of the best places to be for tech–and especially great if you are new to web development! I have fallen...

Things I Need to Do and Things I Need to Stop Doing in 2016

It's already mid-February and I am just now deciding on my new years resolutions; oh well better late than never.

Things I Need to Do

Code Everyday: I decided to do this last year and fell off...

Making a Comeback?

This is the kind of thing, if you knew me, that I'm known for. I have varying interests and varying degrees of skill sets. Unfortunately, the old adage is true for me: jack of all trades,...

How to build diversity into your code?

~ By Jiro Ghianni ~

Why wouldn't you be super interested to look for ways to make technology more diversity-friendly for any minority? I know I'd like to build a world that represents me...

Small Business Owner to Coder

Last year, I decided to start learning to code. I have spent the last 8 years as a small business owner. I designed and made cloth diapers and cloth diaper covers. I ran every single aspect of the...

I'm learning how to code, again.

Hello World!

So I'm learning how to code, again. Why again?

Well, I started at univesity, while I was studying Physics in Italy. I remember a big desktop computer, Red Hat as operating system....

Invite to Dribbble


I would like to get an invitation to Dribbble so I can start uploading my work. Is there anyone that is willing to be so kind to do that? I will really appreciate it.

Thank you,


Social Media Sidebars

Disclaimer: The hover mechanic MIGHT not work on certain browsers because of the 'opacity' CSS tag. I have only tested this on Firefox. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Click Here for the fill...

Art and Code

As a kid, I always loved art. I drew in my freetime and explored various art forms that included, but were not limited to: cross-hatching, acrylic painting, digital.

But equally at a young age, I...

Y Learn to CODE

Why should you learn to code!

All of us are creative in some or the other way. Creation is independent of eduction-systems. Education-systems are designed and developed by a set of people and/or...

WordPress Code Reference

Header Call

<?php get_header();?>


<?php get_footer();?>

Include Banner

<?php include("banner.php");?>

Get Content

<?php if (have_posts()) : while...

Need Some Advice

How can I simplify the ontouch events when using a smart device?

Animated Custom Inputs

I'm also open to any feedback/suggestions...

No More Foo, Bar, and Baz

When I was a kid, my best friend’s dad owned a computer company and told us he knew the secret to Fubar. He said he was sworn to secrecy and to this day has never divulged the secret. If you’re not...

Why side projects are important?

This is not a post about code, but to make you code. Or design, or do more of what you like.

I could go ahead and summarise this with a: - No job is perfect. But side projects, or rather, my own...

Javascript weekend

How would you make this work? add(2, 5); // 7
add(2)(5); // 7

See the Pen GQmQqa by Saturn (@cplog) on CodePen.

Given a string containing just the characters '(', ')', '{', '}', '[' and...

My first python code

print ("Калькулятор")

first = int(input("Введите первое число: ")) second = int(input("Введите второе число: "))

sposob = int(input("Выбирите способ: \n 1 + \n 2...

My second code

print('Выберите ваши направление') a = input('1) Программист \n2) Дизайнер \n Выбор: \t') a = int(a)

if a == 1: print('Вы выбрали проффесию программист \n Теперь выберите...

Coding and teaching is hard but fun...

Code more and read more more because software development and programming language move very very fast like a blitzkrieg.


Code That You Just Never Ever Need to Write

The aim of this blog post is to point out some of the often overlooked syntax features already present in HTML and CSS that can make writing code easier. People sometimes reach for things like...

How to write..

Many programmers do not adhere to any programming style at all, and very vainly, in this article I will try to explain why you still need to choose the correct, good, generally accepted programming...