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Cloud Floating Background

Cloud floating background with css transform

Easy Custom CSS backgrounds

I got tired of seeing a plain white background on my code examples and I really wanted something with a grid paper feel to it. After a little digging I came across a site...

More CSS texture backgrounds

easy, simple, generated textures pull from a URL and loaded with CSS.


You'll probably see it used on some of my code blocks now.

svg, background, animated, css3,


instead of

Look Ma, no CSS nor JS!!!

have svg frames

picture description


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Rainyday customized !

Err... Well.. Let's talk about slippin Jimmy ;)

I wanted a hand door for my house with the date and time on it, hehe it's done !

testing moving css div with php time and icons


Flexbox & Background

Codepen doesn't like flexbox all the time.

Over-Scrolling Styles

Natural Interaction

Ever since getting an iPhone, I've been a fan of over scrolling. It just feels human and natural to me. With the introduction of OSX Lion, we also have that feature in our...

Setting a background image for the page

In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to add fast and easy a background image for the whole web page. Here's an example of how it'll look alike:

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