We had another successful #CodePenChicago this past Wednesday (February 17th), and I gotta say, it was pretty fantastic!

Our friends over at Uprising Creative were gracious enough to host us for a second time, and I think everyone that went to the first meetup they hosted was glad to be back. They have a killer space and they're a great group of people doing really rad stuff.

We had a lot of people turn out for the code and the company, including CodePen's own Chris Coyier, and as always, I was super impressed by the amount of people willing to "show and tell" some pens they've been working on, and by the quaility of the stuff we saw.

Benjamin Miles

Benjamin Miles, the Interactive Director at Uprising, kicked things off by sharing with us how his team uses CodePen to prototype and piece together features of a project, and then shared with us a pen showing off a CSS version of a video game character he has been developing: Theodore the Spirit.

Austin Mayer

Austin, who helped organize the first meetup we held at Uprising, shared with us a pen that just that day was making the rounds for its ridiculouslness as well as its impressiveness. Endless waterfall of fried chicken falling into a bucket!

Vlad Shapachnikov

Mr. Vlad showed us a pen that must have taken forever...a front-end rendition of OS X. And it's scary how much he was able to replicate! Definitely spend some time fooling around with this pen to find some gems (like photos app displaying his flickr feed?!!!):

Jake Albaugh

Jake has presented at each of our meetups, and I think he's mastered the art of code sharing as theater (maybe the originator?). This guy never dissapoints. If you didn't know or don't listen to CodePen radio, Jake was hired by CodePen after meeting the CodePen folks at the last CodePenChicago! So before he was Chicago's unofficial CodePen aficionado, and now he's official! Jake showed us two awesome pens: an endless scrolling page that preforms a series of musical notes at (somewhat) random to create a completely unique song for every visitor (Infinitely Scrollable Random Music), and a pen that is an experiment in sleepy improv (which I participated in last night):

David McFeders

Dave has been in and out of the web world for some time, and now he's back with a vengance for animating SVG art! He showed us a bunch of pens and talked a bit about the techniques behind animating them in various ways, including using TweenMax from GreenSock (we'll be coming back to that later!). Here's one of his pens that got some "oooh"s from the crowd:

Austin Andrews

Austin is the creator of MaterialDesignIcons.com, which is heavily used and feature-rich. One of the features that is particularly impressive, the "advanced export" feature, Austin showed us as a pen and explained how he achieved some of this madness:

Jordan Lev

Jordan teaches some web classes at Columbia College Chicago in the Design department and explained to us that he found many students turning to really large frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation just for the grid, and so he tried to explain why that isn't necessary, and built a few handy pens (including a Sass mixin) to show how simple setting up a CSS grid can be, and created this calculator to make the process even easier for them:

Jack Doyle / GreenSock

Okay, this was really cool Jack is the creator of GreenSock, which is a web animation platform that makes anyone who is trying to do animation on the web's life infinitely easier! CodePen is no stranger to people trying to interesting things with animation, so having Jack show us a few of the awesome things GSAP can do, and how we can use them on CodePen, was really great. You have to follow Jack/GreenSock on CodePen because he's always putting up killer demos, but one of the crowd-pleasers that he shared was a demo of the MorphSVG plugin:

More photos from the evening

Until Next Time

As always I'm really looking forward to the next neetup we have! I heard we're just shy of being tied with New York for hosting the most amount of meetups...so we might just be picking up the pace a bit!

If you or your employer have a space that can host around 50 people, and you'd like to host one of our next meetups, or you'd like to helps us out by sponsoring one of our next events to help provide food and drinks, let me know: matt.m.soria@gmail.com / @poopsplat

Also, let me know if anyone has any neat ideas for a different type of format for a CodePen meetup! I'm completely open to ideas of switching things up from the usual format and trying something new!

— matt