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                <div class="site-wrapper">
	<section class="newsletter">
		<div class="newsletter__copy">
			<h3>Subscribe to WWD’s newsletters</h3>
			<p>Get all the top news stories and alert straight to your inbox.</p>
		<form class="newsletter__form js-newsletter-form">
			<input class="newsletter__form-input" type="email" placeholder="Email Address">
			<input class="newsletter__form-submit" type="submit" value="Sign Up">


                // Notes:
// - Mobile first – layout is added in media query to take advantage of default element stacking.
// - Width values are *not* coded in static px or rem values.
// - These are structural styles only. Please add visual design properties in the appropriate rules.
// - This is a *suggestion* – check the existing codebase for reusable markup and styling patterns.
// - If you have feedback, we are open to it! Please contact @laras126 on the PMC Slack, or

.newsletter {
	background-color: #EEE; // Refer to mockup or existing Sass variables
	padding: 15px; // Refer to spacing value in mockup
	// Refer to existing media query patterns in codebase
	@media( min-width: 800px ) {	
		display: flex;
		align-items: center;
		justify-content: space-between;
	&__form {
		display: flex;
		justify-content: space-between;
		min-width: 48%;
	&__form-input {
		flex-basis: 75%;
		margin-right: 15px; // Refer to mockup for this value

// Base styles - not for reference.
.site-wrapper {
	max-width: 800px;
	margin: 30px auto;


                // Note:
// - A separate .js-* prefixed selector is used to handle JS interactions.
// - Using jQuery

$('.js-newsletter-form').on('submit', (e) => {
	e.preventDefault(); // Prevent a page reload for this example and for asynchronous calls.
	$('.newsletter__form').html('<p>Thank you!</p>');