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Theme for challenge. Similar to ZenGarden, styling of a demo page using 1k of CSS or less.


  1. Is there a working example or dosn't it work with Chrome?

  2. Re Eike - The different theme selection will not work over here on CodePen. The original challenge is hosted at with other user submitted css themes available. The source html here is from another Pen [].

    If you are on a touch device and my use of :hover, it wont work. The perils of putting an older demo up without considering that. Not good practice. Hopefully it inspires people to create improved modern responses to css1k here on CodePen. Thanks

  3. @Paul you can try to use aria-haspopup="true" on the element with the hover.

  4. Re @XemsDoom - True, it would help the immediate issue. Unfortunately in the spirit of the original challenge it is CSS only, no change to html or use of js.

  5. Update: The css1k domain has lapsed but the project is still available at GitHub

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