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              <h1>Search Netflix Movies by Genre</h1>
<select id="selectGenre">
<option selected>Select a genre</option>
<option>Action &amp; Adventure: 1365</option>
<option>Action Comedies: 43040</option>
<option>Action Sci-Fi &amp; Fantasy: 1568</option>
<option>Action Thrillers: 43048</option>
<option>Adult Animation: 11881</option>
<option>Adventures: 7442</option>
<option>African Movies: 3761</option>
<option>Alien Sci-Fi: 3327</option>
<option>Animal Tales: 5507</option>
<option>Anime: 7424</option>
<option>Anime Action: 2653</option>
<option>Anime Comedies: 9302</option>
<option>Anime Dramas: 452</option>
<option>Anime Fantasy: 11146</option>
<option>Anime Features: 3063</option>
<option>Anime Horror: 10695</option>
<option>Anime Sci-Fi: 2729</option>
<option>Anime Series: 6721</option>
<option>Art House Movies: 29764</option>
<option>Asian Action Movies: 77232</option>
<option>Australian Movies: 5230</option>
<option>B-Horror Movies: 8195</option>
<option>Baseball Movies: 12339</option>
<option>Basketball Movies: 12762</option>
<option>Belgian Movies: 262</option>
<option>Biographical Documentaries: 3652</option>
<option>Biographical Dramas: 3179</option>
<option>Boxing Movies: 12443</option>
<option>British Movies: 10757</option>
<option>British TV Shows: 52117</option>
<option>Campy Movies: 1252</option>
<option>Children &amp; Family Movies: 783</option>
<option>Chinese Movies: 3960</option>
<option>Classic Action &amp; Adventure: 46576</option>
<option>Classic Comedies: 31694</option>
<option>Classic Dramas: 29809</option>
<option>Classic Foreign Movies: 32473</option>
<option>Classic Movies: 31574</option>
<option>Classic Musicals: 32392</option>
<option>Classic Romantic Movies: 31273</option>
<option>Classic Sci-Fi &amp; Fantasy: 47147</option>
<option>Classic Thrillers: 46588</option>
<option>Classic TV Shows: 46553</option>
<option>Classic War Movies: 48744</option>
<option>Classic Westerns: 47465</option>
<option>Comedies: 6548</option>
<option>Comic Book and Superhero Movies: 10118</option>
<option>Country &amp; Western/Folk: 1105</option>
<option>Courtroom Dramas: 2748</option>
<option>Creature Features: 6895</option>
<option>Crime Action &amp; Adventure: 9584</option>
<option>Crime Documentaries: 9875</option>
<option>Crime Dramas: 6889</option>
<option>Crime Thrillers: 10499</option>
<option>Crime TV Shows: 26146</option>
<option>Cult Comedies: 9434</option>
<option>Cult Horror Movies: 10944</option>
<option>Cult Movies: 7627</option>
<option>Cult Sci-Fi &amp; Fantasy: 4734</option>
<option>Cult TV Shows: 74652</option>
<option>Dark Comedies: 869</option>
<option>Deep Sea Horror Movies: 45028</option>
<option>Disney: 67673</option>
<option>Disney Musicals: 59433</option>
<option>Documentaries: 6839</option>
<option>Dramas: 5763</option>
<option>Dramas based on Books: 4961</option>
<option>Dramas based on real life: 3653</option>
<option>Dutch Movies: 10606</option>
<option>Eastern European Movies: 5254</option>
<option>Education for Kids: 10659</option>
<option>Epics: 52858</option>
<option>Experimental Movies: 11079</option>
<option>Faith &amp; Spirituality: 26835</option>
<option>Faith &amp; Spirituality Movies: 52804</option>
<option>Family Features: 51056</option>
<option>Fantasy Movies: 9744</option>
<option>Film Noir: 7687</option>
<option>Food &amp; Travel TV: 72436</option>
<option>Football Movies: 12803</option>
<option>Foreign Action &amp; Adventure: 11828</option>
<option>Foreign Comedies: 4426</option>
<option>Foreign Documentaries: 5161</option>
<option>Foreign Dramas: 2150</option>
<option>Foreign Gay &amp; Lesbian Movies: 8243</option>
<option>Foreign Horror Movies: 8654</option>
<option>Foreign Movies: 7462</option>
<option>Foreign Sci-Fi &amp; Fantasy: 6485</option>
<option>Foreign Thrillers: 10306</option>
<option>French Movies: 58807</option>
<option>Foreign Horror Movies: 8654</option>
<option>Foreign Movies: 7462</option>
<option>Foreign Sci-Fi &amp; Fantasy: 6485</option>
<option>Foreign Thrillers: 10306</option>
<option>French Movies: 58807</option>
<option>Gangster Movies: 31851</option>
<option>Gay &amp; Lesbian Dramas: 500</option>
<option>German Movies: 58886</option>
<option>Greek Movies: 61115</option>
<option>Historical Documentaries: 5349</option>
<option>Horror Comedy: 89585</option>
<option>Horror Movies: 8711</option>
<option>Independent Action &amp; Adventure: 11804</option>
<option>Independent Comedies: 4195</option>
<option>Independent Dramas: 384</option>
<option>Independent Movies: 7077</option>
<option>Independent Thrillers: 3269</option>
<option>Indian Movies: 10463</option>
<option>Irish Movies: 58750</option>
<option>Italian Movies: 8221</option>
<option>Japanese Movies: 10398</option>
<option>Jazz &amp; Easy Listening: 10271</option>
<option>Kids Faith &amp; Spirituality: 751423</option>
<option>Kids Music: 52843</option>
<option>Kids’ TV: 27346</option>
<option>Korean Movies: 5685</option>
<option>Korean TV Shows: 67879</option>
<option>Late Night Comedies: 1402</option>
<option>Latin American Movies: 1613</option>
<option>Latin Music: 10741</option>
<option>Martial Arts Movies: 8985</option>
<option>Martial Arts, Boxing &amp; Wrestling: 6695</option>
<option>Middle Eastern Movies: 5875</option>
<option>Military Action &amp; Adventure: 2125</option>
<option>Military Documentaries: 4006</option>
<option>Military Dramas: 11</option>
<option>Military TV Shows: 25804</option>
<option>Miniseries: 4814</option>
<option>Mockumentaries: 26</option>
<option>Monster Movies: 947</option>
<option>Movies based on children’s books: 10056</option>
<option>Movies for ages 0 to 2: 6796</option>
<option>Movies for ages 2 to 4: 6218</option>
<option>Movies for ages 5 to 7: 5455</option>
<option>Movies for ages 8 to 10: 561</option>
<option>Movies for ages 11 to 12: 6962</option>
<option>Music &amp; Concert Documentaries: 90361</option>
<option>Music: 1701</option>
<option>Musicals: 13335</option>
<option>Mysteries: 9994</option>
<option>New Zealand Movies: 63782</option>
<option>Period Pieces: 12123</option>
<option>Political Comedies: 2700</option>
<option>Political Documentaries: 7018</option>
<option>Political Dramas: 6616</option>
<option>Political Thrillers: 10504</option>
<option>Psychological Thrillers: 5505</option>
<option>Quirky Romance: 36103</option>
<option>Reality TV: 9833</option>
<option>Religious Documentaries: 10005</option>
<option>Rock &amp; Pop Concerts: 3278</option>
<option>Romantic Comedies: 5475</option>
<option>Romantic Dramas: 1255</option>
<option>Romantic Favorites: 502675</option>
<option>Romantic Foreign Movies: 7153</option>
<option>Romantic Independent Movies: 9916</option>
<option>Romantic Movies: 8883</option>
<option>Russian: 11567</option>
<option>Satanic Stories: 6998</option>
<option>Satires: 4922</option>
<option>Scandinavian Movies: 9292</option>
<option>Sci-Fi &amp; Fantasy: 1492</option>
<option>Sci-Fi Adventure: 6926</option>
<option>Sci-Fi Dramas: 3916</option>
<option>Sci-Fi Horror Movies: 1694</option>
<option>Sci-Fi Thrillers: 11014</option>
<option>Science &amp; Nature Documentaries: 2595</option>
<option>Science &amp; Nature TV: 52780</option>
<option>Screwball Comedies: 9702</option>
<option>Showbiz Dramas: 5012</option>
<option>Showbiz Musicals: 13573</option>
<option>Silent Movies: 53310</option>
<option>Slapstick Comedies: 10256</option>
<option>Slasher and Serial Killer Movies: 8646</option>
<option>Soccer Movies: 12549</option>
<option>Social &amp; Cultural Documentaries: 3675</option>
<option>Social Issue Dramas: 3947</option>
<option>Southeast Asian Movies: 9196</option>
<option>Spanish Movies: 58741</option>
<option>Spiritual Documentaries: 2760</option>
<option>Sports &amp; Fitness: 9327</option>
<option>Sports Comedies: 5286</option>
<option>Sports Documentaries: 180</option>
<option>Sports Dramas: 7243</option>
<option>Sports Movies: 4370</option>
<option>Spy Action &amp; Adventure: 10702</option>
<option>Spy Thrillers: 9147</option>
<option>Stage Musicals: 55774</option>
<option>Stand-up Comedy: 11559</option>
<option>Steamy Romantic Movies: 35800</option>
<option>Steamy Thrillers: 972</option>
<option>Supernatural Horror Movies: 42023</option>
<option>Supernatural Thrillers: 11140</option>
<option>Tearjerkers: 6384</option>
<option>Teen Comedies: 3519</option>
<option>Teen Dramas: 9299</option>
<option>Teen Screams: 52147</option>
<option>Teen TV Shows: 60951</option>
<option>Thrillers: 8933</option>
<option>Travel &amp; Adventure Documentaries: 1159</option>
<option>TV Action &amp; Adventure: 10673</option>
<option>TV Cartoons: 11177</option>
<option>TV Comedies: 10375</option>
<option>TV Documentaries: 10105</option>
<option>TV Dramas: 11714</option>
<option>TV Horror: 83059</option>
<option>TV Mysteries: 4366</option>
<option>TV Sci-Fi &amp; Fantasy: 1372</option>
<option>TV Shows: 83</option>
<option>Urban &amp; Dance Concerts: 9472</option>
<option>Vampire Horror Movies: 75804</option>
<option>Werewolf Horror Movies: 75930</option>
<option>Westerns: 7700</option>
<option>World Music Concerts: 2856</option>
<option>Zombie Horror Movies: 75405</option>

<input type="submit" id="goToPage" value="Go to Netflix" />
<!--<p><a id="getLink"></a></p>-->
              body {margin: 24px;text-align: center;background: #FFEFEA;}
p,h1,select{margin-top: 24px}
h1 {font: normal 18px/1.2 sans-serif;color: #005A56;}
select{height: 30px;}
input[type="submit"] {
  color: #005a56;
  background-color: #aed7d6;
  border: 0;
  line-height: 28px;
  border-radius: 3px;
  padding: 0 1em;
              (function() {
  var optTxt, newTxt, optVal;
  $('#selectGenre option:not(":selected")').each(function(i) {
   optTxt = $(this).text().split(":");
    newTxt = optTxt[0];
    optVal = optTxt[1].trim();

$('#goToPage').on('click', function() {
  var genre = $('#selectGenre option:selected').val();
  if ($.isNumeric(genre)) {
    var netflxURL = 'http://netflix.com/browse/genre/' + genre;
    window.open(netflxURL, '_blank');
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