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This is a small gantt chart with css-grid.


  1. Very bright

  2. Thanks so much for this, i've extended it to one of the react apps i'm working on, tweaked a few things to make them more dynamic. The use of the css-grid helped me very much.

  3. Hi! I love the idea of this solution and I'm currently trying to implement it in my Project Management Application. Do you have an idea how to achieve a horizontal scroll on the whole right side of the diagram, the one with the tasks while the one with the names stays in place?

  4. Nice job @phil! I referenced your demo as inspiration in this tutorial: Solving Problems With CSS Grid: The Gantt Chart. I used line names so we can define the tasks like this grid-column: mon-morning / sat-night; – curious to know what you think of that approach :) Cheers ^Ian

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