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                <section id="home">

# Home
This is a tool for prototyping interactive user flows using USWDS and Markdown.

- Each section represents a state.
- A state could be a page, a model, or some type of feedback.
- Use Markdown to add notes about each state.
- Use buttons to link to other states.
- Optionally, paste in [USWDS components](

<button next="#page2">Go to next state</button>

</section><!-- end of page -->
<section id="page2">
# Page Two

Welcome to the new state!

<button next="#page3">Go to last state</button>

</section><!-- end of page -->

<section id="page3">
# This could be a modal

At last, we've reached the conclusion of this flow.

<button next="#page2">Go back to previous state</button>
<button next="#home">Go back to home</button>

</section><!-- end of page -->





                // The purpose of this JavaScript is to keep the content as clean as possible, using mostly Markdown with just a few HTML elements and attributes, and to keep all the content in one pen for simplicity.

  // add some styling classes and show only the first state
  $('body').addClass('grid-container padding-top-5 bg-base-lightest');
  $('button').addClass('usa-button usa-button--accent-cool');
  // when clicking a button, hide the current state and show the next one
  $('button').on('click', function(){
    var link = $(this).attr('next');