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An input highlight inspired by Tripadvisor (https://www.tripadvisor.com/)


  1. You do not need a span Element for this: https://codepen.io/zothynine/pen/bYqeGO

  2. @zothynine without this span element he couldn't be able to implement border-color change on focus.

  3. Actually, it can be implemented without span keeping the focus state as in the example above. If you want to implement it only with the single input element and the pseudo element on the container as @zothynine did, for the focus state you can use new pseudo-class :focus-within (Edge & IE lack support). With this pseudo class you could do something like this:

    .input-wrapper:focus-within::after { 
      border-bottom-color: blue; 
  4. Same thing just using VueJS and :focus-within


  5. For my own benefit I forked your thing and rewrote it in Vue :) https://codepen.io/NielsOeltjen/pen/WXzzdb/

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