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Tunnel vision effect made with just some CSS 3D transforms, border-radius and border-style. Not really useful, it just looks nice...

This Pen is a fork of Peter Westendorp's Pen 3D CSS Sphere.


  1. Wizardy crazy shit :D Nice!

  2. You've inspired me to tinker so I ended up making a rotating rainbow donut! http://codepen.io/grayghostvisuals/full/dzvnC

  3. Wicked sick. :P

  4. updated to use scss for loop, and gave it a little twist to make a motion feeling http://codepen.io/altryne/pen/iDzhr awesome job!

  5. What the! I am taking this to Coachella.

  6. Super cool!

  7. Would be cool if they pulsed in sync with music! awesome work!

  8. Love it, and sound would be great. Perhaps new Daft Punk album?

  9. pointer-events: none and -prefix-user-select: none seem to increase performance.

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