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Nowadays we're used to use font-face icons on our websites, with Font Awesome for example, but they are monochromatic, right? So, I thought about a solution to colorize that icons, and here it is – a little bit ninja, but it works. I developed a font type for each color and used the after/before CSS pseudo class, with CSS absolute position. At the end of the day, all the HTML elements are on top of each others.


  1. Interesting idea. I think you're losing a bit of the advantage of icon fonts by having separate files though. Is there any reason you couldn't combine the 3 different fonts into one?

  2. well done. I have used Font Awesome. this can come in handy.

  3. yes brilliant idea. I agree with @JeremyT seems like a lot of files for just one icon. I know icomoon has dual-color icon fonts somehow.

  4. @Jeremy T Yes I could have just one file, but it will be hard to map the icons. It was just a test, keep in touch 'cause I have another ideas to do full colorized icons with just one font type.

  5. as far as mapping the icons, for at least two of the colors you could have upper and lower case of the same letter. The third would require a bit more creativity. a, A, and @? Or a, A, and 1, perhaps? There are a few different ways you could go.

  6. just getting a, b, c in firefox and can't see where fontOrange etc are being loaded?

  7. @Jupiter St John -- " I know icomoon has dual-color icon fonts somehow." --- they actually have a solid color icon that uses stripes to achieve the look of a lighter color. If you blow up one of the dual tone icons you can see the effect much easier. It's an ok idea, but in practice laying the same icon over black vs white will yield drastically different results.

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