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This works on hover as an example, the idea: works on click with toogle...

Only webkit prefix (sketch work) Code a little bit... :S (sketch work)

Made for fun...


  1. A couple of these are great! love the first and the "x" animations!

  2. Thanks @SaraSoueidan ;) My favorite is the 'x' animation too..

    And thank you all for all the hearts.. :D

  3. Looking to use the as hamburger menu icon. How can I make it change on CLICK instead of on HOVER? Awesome work man!

  4. @davelilly Hi.. Thank you ;)

    You can change the css ":hover" (all) to a class name for example: Change ".example5:hover" to ".example5.open" and toggle the class on click with:

    $(".example5").click(function(){ $(this).toggleClass("open"); });


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