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                <div id="q-app" style="min-height: 100vh">
  <img class="logo" alt="VueKeyboardTrap logo" src="./assets/logo.png" />

  <div class="global-settings" dir="ltr" v-kbd-trap.roving.horizontal.escrefocus>
    <label><input type="checkbox" v-model="rtl" /> RTL</label>

    <label><input type="checkbox" v-model="active1" /> Show set 5</label>

    <label><input type="checkbox" v-model="active2" /> Activate set 6</label>

    <label><input type="checkbox" v-model="skipCells" /> Skip cells in set 9 / 18</label>

    <label><input type="checkbox" v-model="covered3" /> Cover set 14</label>

    <label><input type="checkbox" v-model="active3" /> Activate set 14 ({{ covered3 === true ? 'covered' : 'uncovered' }})</label>

    <a href="" target="blank">
      <span>Code, Issues, Discussions for @pdanpdan/vue-keyboard-trap on GitHub</span>

  <div style="width: 800px; max-width: 95vw; margin-inline: auto" :dir="rtl === true ? 'rtl' : undefined" v-kbd-trap>
    <div class="test" tabindex="0">0</div>

    <div class="test" v-kbd-trap.roving>

      <div class="test" tabindex="0">1</div>

      <div class="test" tabindex="0">2</div>

      <input v-model="text" placeholder="Input field" />

      <div class="test" tabindex="-1" v-kbd-trap.roving.escrefocus>

        <div class="test" tabindex="0">3.1</div>

        <div class="test" tabindex="0">3.2</div>

        <input v-model="text" placeholder="Input field 3.3" />

        <div class="test" tabindex="0">3.4</div>

      <div class="test" tabindex="0">4</div>

      <div v-if="active1" class="test" v-kbd-trap.autofocus.escexits>

        <div class="test" tabindex="0">5.1</div>

        <div class="test" tabindex="0" data-autofocus>5.2</div>

        <input v-model="text" placeholder="Input field 5.3" />

        <div class="test" tabindex="0">5.4</div>

      <div class="test" tabindex="0">6</div>

      <div class="test" tabindex="0" v-kbd-trap.autofocus="active2">
        <legend>v-kbd-trap.autofocus {{ active2 }}</legend>

        <div class="test" tabindex="0">6.1</div>

        <div class="test" tabindex="0">6.2</div>

        <div class="test" tabindex="0" data-autofocus>6.3</div>

      <div class="test row" tabindex="-1" v-kbd-trap.roving.horizontal.tabinside.escrefocus>

        <div class="test col" tabindex="0">7.1</div>

        <div class="test col" tabindex="0">7.2</div>

        <div class="test col" tabindex="0">7.3</div>

      <div class="test" tabindex="-1" v-kbd-trap.roving.vertical.tabinside.escrefocus>

        <div class="test" tabindex="0">8.1</div>

        <div class="test" tabindex="0">8.2</div>

        <div class="test" tabindex="0">8.3</div>

    <div class="test" v-kbd-trap.roving.grid>

      <div class="row" v-for="i in 6" :key="i">
          class="test col"
          v-for="j in 8"
          :key="i * 100 + j"
          :tabindex="skipCells === true && (7 * i + 11 * j) % ((11 * i + 7 * j) % 3 + 1) === 0 ? ((i + j) % 2 === 0 ? null : -1) : 0"
          9 R:{{ i }}/C:{{ j }}

    <div class="test" v-kbd-trap.roving.grid>

      <div class="row" v-for="i in 5" :key="i">
          v-for="j in 5"
          :key="i * 100 + j"
          class="test col"
          :data-v-kbd-trap-row="j === 3 ? i : `${ i } *`"
          :data-v-kbd-trap-col="i === 3 ? j : `${ j } *`"
          :tabindex="i !== 3 && j !== 3 ? ((i + j) % 2 === 0 ? null : -1) : 0"
          10 R:{{ i }}/C:{{ j }}

    <div class="test">
      <legend>v-kbd-trap.roving - Role grid test (roles: grid, row, gridcell)</legend>

        <caption id="calendarheader">April 2022</caption>

        <thead role="rowgroup">
          <tr role="row">
            <th role="columnheader" aria-label="Week">Wk.</th>
            <th role="columnheader" aria-label="Sunday">Su</th>
            <th role="columnheader" aria-label="Monday">Mo</th>
            <th role="columnheader" aria-label="Tuesday">Tu</th>
            <th role="columnheader" aria-label="Wednesday">We</th>
            <th role="columnheader" aria-label="Thursday">Th</th>
            <th role="columnheader" aria-label="Friday">Fr</th>
            <th role="columnheader" aria-label="Saturday">Sa</th>

        <tbody role="rowgroup">
          <tr role="row">
            <th scope="row" role="rowheader">13</th>
            <td role="gridcell" tabindex="-1">27</td>
            <td role="gridcell">28</td>
            <td role="gridcell">29</td>
            <td role="gridcell">30</td>
            <td role="gridcell">31</td>
            <td role="gridcell" tabindex="0">1</td>
            <td role="gridcell" tabindex="0">2</td>

          <tr v-for="m in 4" :key="m" role="row">
            <th scope="row" role="rowheader">{{ 13 + m}}</th>
              v-for="d in 7"
            >{{ 2 + (m - 1) * 7 + d }}</td>

    <div class="test" tabindex="0">11</div>

    <div class="test row" dir="rtl" v-kbd-trap.roving.horizontal>
      <legend>RTL Always - v-kbd-trap.roving.horizontal</legend>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">12.1</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">12.2</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">12.3</div>

    <div class="test row" dir="rtl" v-kbd-trap.roving.horizontal>
      <legend>RTL Always - v-kbd-trap.roving.horizontal</legend>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">12bis.1</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">12bis.2</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">12bis.3</div>

    <div class="test row" dir="ltr" v-kbd-trap.roving.horizontal>
      <legend>LTR Always - v-kbd-trap.roving.horizontal</legend>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">13.1</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">13.2</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">13.3</div>

    <div class="test row" dir="ltr" v-kbd-trap.roving.horizontal>
      <legend>LTR Always - v-kbd-trap.roving.horizontal</legend>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">13bis.1</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">13bis.2</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">13bis.3</div>

    <div class="test">
      <legend>Autofocus covered test</legend>

      <div style="margin-bottom: 16px; height: 150px; overflow: auto;">
        <div class="test-covered">
          <div class="test" style="margin-top: 200px" v-kbd-trap.autofocus="active3">
            <legend>v-kbd-trap.autofocus {{ active3 }}</legend>

            <div class="test" tabindex="0">14.1</div>

            <div class="test" tabindex="0">14.2</div>

            <div class="test" tabindex="0" data-autofocus>14.3</div>

          <div v-if="covered3" class="test-covered__cover">Cover</div>

    <div class="test" tabindex="0">15</div>

    <div class="test" v-kbd-trap>
      <legend>v-kbd-trap (Use DOM order)</legend>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">16.1 (tabindex 0)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="-1">16.2 (tabindex -1)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="4">16.3 (tabindex 4)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">16.4 (tabindex 0)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="1">16.5 (tabindex 1)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="5">16.6 (tabindex 5)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">16.7 (tabindex 0)</div>

    <div class="test" v-kbd-trap.indexorder>
      <legend>v-kbd-trap.indexorder (Force tabindex order)</legend>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">16.1bis (tabindex 0)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="-1">16.2bis (tabindex -1)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="4">16.3bis (tabindex 4)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">16.4bis (tabindex 0)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="1">16.5bis (tabindex 1)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="5">16.6bis (tabindex 5)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">16.7bis (tabindex 0)</div>

    <div class="test" v-kbd-trap.roving>
      <legend>v-kbd-trap.roving (Use DOM order)</legend>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">17.1 (tabindex 0)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="-1">17.2 (tabindex -1)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="4">17.3 (tabindex 4)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">17.4 (tabindex 0)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="1">17.5 (tabindex 1)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="5">17.6 (tabindex 5)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">17.7 (tabindex 0)</div>

    <div class="test" v-kbd-trap.roving.indexorder>
      <legend>v-kbd-trap.roving.indexorder (Force tabindex order)</legend>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">17.1bis (tabindex 0)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="-1">17.2bis (tabindex -1)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="4">17.3bis (tabindex 4)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">17.4bis (tabindex 0)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="1">17.5bis (tabindex 1)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="5">17.6bis (tabindex 5)</div>

      <div class="test col" tabindex="0">17.7bis (tabindex 0)</div>

    <div class="test" tabindex="0">18</div>

    <div class="test" v-kbd-trap.roving.vertical>
      <legend>v-kbd-trap.roving - form elements</legend>

      <div class="test" tabindex="0">19.1</div>

      <div class="test">
        <button type="button">Button 19.2</button>

      <div class="test">
        <input type="button" value="Input type=&quot;button&quot; 19.3" />

      <div class="test">
        <input type="submit" value="Input type=&quot;submit&quot; 19.4" />

      <div class="test">
        <input type="reset" value="Input type=&quot;reset&quot; 19.5" />

      <div class="test">
        <input type="file" placeholder="Input type=&quot;file&quot; 19.6" />

      <div class="test" v-kbd-trap.roving.horizontal>
        <label tabindex="-1"><input type="checkbox" /> Checkox 19.7.1</label>
        <label tabindex="-1"><input type="checkbox" /> Checkox 19.7.2</label>
        <label tabindex="-1"><input type="checkbox" /> Checkox 19.7.3</label>

      <div class="test" v-kbd-trap.roving.horizontal>
        <label tabindex="-1"><input type="radio" name="radio" value="1" /> Radio 19.8.1</label>
        <label tabindex="-1"><input type="radio" name="radio" value="2" /> Radio 19.8.2</label>
        <label tabindex="-1"><input type="radio" name="radio" value="3" /> Radio 19.8.3</label>

      <div class="test" style="padding-bottom: 1.5em">
        <legend>Tab / Shift + Tab</legend>

        <input v-model="text" placeholder="Input field 19.9" />

      <div class="test" style="padding-bottom: 1.5em">
        <legend>Tab / Shift + Tab</legend>

        <textarea v-model="text" placeholder="Input field 19.10"></textarea>

      <div class="test" style="padding-bottom: 1.5em">
        <legend>Tab / Shift + Tab</legend>

        <select placeholder="Select 19.11">
          <option>Option 1</option>
          <option>Option 2</option>
          <option>Option 3</option>

      <div class="test" style="padding-bottom: 1.5em">
        <legend>Tab / Shift + Tab</legend>

        <select multiple placeholder="Select multiple 19.12">
          <option>Option 1</option>
          <option>Option 2</option>
          <option>Option 3</option>

      <div class="test" tabindex="0">19.13</div>

    <div class="test" tabindex="0">20</div>



  scroll-padding: 4em
  font-family: Avenir, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif
  -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased
  -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale
  color: #2c3e50
  min-height: 100vh

  position: fixed
  top: 50%
  left: 50%
  transform: translate(-50%, -50%)
  max-height: 40vh
  max-width: 40vw
  opacity: .1

  position: sticky
  top: 8px
  left: 8px
  right: 8px
  z-index: 1
  pointer-events: none

  > *
    pointer-events: all
    font-size: 14px
    display: inline-block
    font-weight: bold
    font-variant: small-caps
    color: #f63
    padding: 0 .8em 0 .4em
    box-shadow: 0 0 3px 1px #333
    cursor: pointer
    background-color: #eee
    margin-inline-end: 8px
    margin-block-end: 8px
    line-height: 2.4em

      width: 1.4em
      height: 1.4em
      transform: translateY(.35em)

  > a
    color: #36f
    text-decoration: none

    > span
      text-decoration: underline

      content: '\1f517'
      padding: 4px

  position: absolute
  inset-inline-start: 1px
  inset-block-end: 1px
  font-weight: bold
  font-variant: small-caps
  color: #36f
  pointer-events: none

  display: flex

    flex: 1 1 auto
    max-width: 100%

  margin: 32px 16px
  border-collapse: collapse

      padding: 12px

      border: 1px solid #ccc
      text-align: center
      color: #ccc

        color: #000

        background-color: #6e66

  position: relative
  padding: 4px 8px
  margin: 24px 8px
  border: 1px solid #ccc
  text-align: center
  font-weight: bold
  font-size: 18px

    border: 1px solid #333

    border: 1px dashed #333

    border: 1px dashed #c33

    box-shadow: 0 0 2px 3px #f99

    background-color: #6e66

  position: relative

    position: absolute
    left: 0
    right: 0
    top: -8px
    bottom: -8px
    padding: 8px
    background: #c633
    text-align: center
    color: #c63
    font-size: 1.5em
    font-variant: small-caps
    font-weight: bold



                const { createApp, ref } = Vue;

const app = createApp({
  setup() {
    return {
      active1: ref(false),
      active2: ref(false),
      active3: ref(false),
      covered3: ref(true),
      skipCells: ref(false),
      rtl: ref(false),

      text: ref('text'),