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This experimental carousel uses CSS pseudo classes, attribute values and sibling selectors to imitate a dynamic DOM state. Photos from


  1. Awesome technique - never seen the hidden checkbox used like this before. Thanks for sharing!

  2. did not expect it to be capable of looping back to the first image at the end. impressive.

  3. @InfinityCoder

    Sure is, just add the new markup including a new input element and div to the top of the .carousel container and update the .counter div to the new number of slides.

    Hope that helps!

    PS - Sorry of the lack of code example, I think I broke the mark down in comments.

  4. Oh another pure blablabla with checkbox

  5. Nice work @paulnoble! I tried to add more than 5 images but it seems that when I'm doing so the transition between the last one and the first one is not as smooth. There is a weird blink. Any idea what it could be? Thanks!

  6. Hey @nouri_leiner, thanks! Do you have a link for that example?

  7. Hey @paulnoble. Sorry for the late answer. I had to finish my project in a hurry and had to go with an other piece of code.

    Thank you for your work. i will use it somewhere else!

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