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Hey there, how are you all doing? The other day I was watching NatGeoWild and something interesting caught my eye: a lovely on screen text animation. So I thought It would be kinda cool to try to recreate it with CSS animations. Here's what I got.


  1. love the typography on this. great job! I just was wondering, abt this refresh hack. Is it possible to have a script look at if a certain css class-id that comes into-leaves the viewport, in order to remove-add the animation class. so that if will play the reveal animation, once it´s in the viewport, and so that it will trigger again, once it comes into the viewport once again.

    I think AOS.js does a job like that on elements

  2. @erikimp Yea, probably it can be done that way too. There are several different variants on how to restart CSS animation. @chriscoyier wrote an article about it. I just took the easiest one for me.

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