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                <div id="canvasStage"></div>


                body {background-color:black; color:#FFF;}
#canvasStage {
#canvasStage canvas{


var log = console.log.bind(console)

var canvasElement = "myCanvas";
var canvasHolder = "canvasStage";
var holder1 = $("#"+canvasHolder);//

var resolution = window.devicePixelRatio || 1;
var requestId = null;

for (var i = 0; i < 8; i++) {
	var myEl = (canvasElement+"_"+i);
	// var myC = '<canvas id="' + myEl + '" width="106" height="106"></canvas>';
  var canvas = document.createElement("canvas");
  var context = canvas.getContext("2d");
  // Scale canvas to match pixel ratio for HiDPI screens = myEl;
  canvas.width  = 106 * resolution;
  canvas.height = 106 * resolution;  = 106 + "px"; = 106 + "px";  
  context.scale(resolution, resolution); 
	// holder1.append($(myC));
	// var element1 = document.querySelector("#"+myEl);
	// var context = element1.getContext("2d");
	context.moveTo(51, 3);
	context.lineTo(3, 103);
	context.lineTo(103, 103);
	// the outline
	context.lineWidth = 5;
	context.strokeStyle = '#444';
	// the fill color
	context.fillStyle = "#00F";
This animation by
Made possible by GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) v12 beta.

This effect works great in modern browsers: Chrome, Safari, and FireFox.

IE does not support transform-style:preserve3d, so the 3D may look a little flat. 
Once again IE proves its ability to hinder progress and inflict pain on developers.

var tl = new TimelineMax({ onStart: updateCube, repeat:-1, smoothChildTiming:true})

var triangles = $("#canvasStage canvas");
	myHolder = $("#canvasStage"),
    // tl = new TimelineMax({onUpdate:updateCube, repeat:-1, smoothChildTiming:true}),
	stageW = ($(window).width())/2,
	stageH = ($(window).height())/2,
	stageX = (stageW-(106/2)),
	stageY = (stageH-(106/2));
//transformPerspective gives the element its own vanishing point
//perspective allows all the child elements (orange boxes) to share the same vanishing point with each other
//transformStyle:"preserve3d" allows the child elements to maintain their 3D position (noticeable only when their parent div is rotated in 3D space)
TweenMax.set(myHolder, {css:{transformPerspective:4000, transformStyle:"preserve-3d", transformOrigin:"52px 52px 52px"}});
// TweenLite.set(myHolder, {rotationY:0, rotationX:0, x:0, y:0, transformOrigin:"52px 52px 52px"});

tl.set(triangles[0], {rotationX:30.5, rotationY:0, rotationZ:0, x:0, y:2, z:52, opacity:0.85, transformOrigin:"50% 100%"})
  .set(triangles[1], {rotationX:30.5, rotationY:0, rotationZ:180, x:0, y:-2, z:52, opacity:0.85, transformOrigin:"50% 100%"})
  .set(triangles[2], {rotationX:30.5, rotationY:90, rotationZ:0, x:52, y:2, z:0, opacity:0.85, transformOrigin:"50% 100%"})
  .set(triangles[3], {rotationX:30.5, rotationY:270, rotationZ:180, x:52, y:-2, z:0, opacity:0.85, transformOrigin:"50% 100%"})
  .set(triangles[4], {rotationX:30.5, rotationY:-90, rotationZ:0, x:-52, y:2, z:0, opacity:0.85, transformOrigin:"50% 100%"})
  .set(triangles[5], {rotationX:30.5, rotationY:-270, rotationZ:180, x:-52, y:-2, z:0, opacity:0.85, transformOrigin:"50% 100%"})
  .set(triangles[6], {rotationX:30.5, rotationY:180, rotationZ:0, x:0, y:2, z:-52, opacity:0.85, transformOrigin:"50% 100%"})
  .set(triangles[7], {rotationX:30.5, rotationY:180, rotationZ:180, x:0, y:-2, z:-52, opacity:0.85, transformOrigin:"50% 100%"})
  // .set(myHolder, {rotationY:0, rotationX:0, x:0, y:0, transformOrigin:"52px 52px 52px"});

triangles.each(function (index, element) {
  var hoverTween =, 0.15, {opacity:0.33, paused: true });
			$(element).hover(over, out);
			function over(){;
				//, 0.15, {opacity:0.33});
			function out(){
				//, 0.15, {opacity:0.85});
//, 15, {css:{rotationY:720, rotationX:360, rotationZ:-360, transformOrigin:"52px 52px 52px"}, ease:Power0.easeNone});
for (var i = 0; i < 8; i++) {[i], 2, {rotationX:-24, transformOrigin:"50% 100%", repeat:-1, yoyo:true, repeatDelay:2,  ease:Power0.easeNone,});

$(window).resize(function() {
  // If there's not a pending request, create one
  if (!requestId) {
    requestId = requestAnimationFrame(updateCube);

function updateCube(){
	stageW = ($(window).width())/2;
	stageH = ($(window).height())/2;
	stageX = (stageW-(106/2));
	stageY = (stageH-(106/2));, 3, {css:{x:stageX, y:stageY}});
  // Clear request
  requestId = null;