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  1. I wasn't sure at first, but this is definitely growing on me;) Absolutely wonderful - Carl

  2. Awesome work!

  3. Hell yeah!

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Very nice!

  6. There is not a heart red enough available on codepen to express how much I like this.

  7. This is neat. Love the "math fu" in solve (even if I "don't get it Basil!")

  8. @roblevin Thanks! It's actually not as complicated as it looks. There are only 4 calculations at the end, the rest of the code is getting the correct value from the array. You might be able to understand what it does by looking at this example. It's just an easy way to create a smooth path from a set of points.


    I used that same function to smooth out the drawings in this doodle morphing demo.


  9. awesome!

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