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const { Component } = React;
const { observable, computed, action } = mobx;
const { observer } = mobxReact;

//Enforcing Mobx Strict Mode

/*Mobx Stores*/
class Store {
	@observable task;
	@action setTask(task) {
		this.task = task;
	constructor(task) {

//Dumb or functional components
const ChildComponent = () => {
	return (

//Smart Components or class based components
class App extends Component {
	//Establish your component
	constructor(props) {
		//Rules of State
		//Must be an object
		//Cannot be directly modified
		//Must use this.setState() to modify it
		//Can only be accessed directly on the constructor
		this.state = {}
	//Render Method, Only method required for react
		return (

const store = new Store();

ReactDOM.render(<App store={store} />, document.querySelector(".container"));
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