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  1. Hi Oliver. You could easily replace "height" by "max-height" for more flexibility. .content could be longer than 150px sometimes ;) http://jsfiddle.net/leaverou/zwvNY/ http://www.creativejuiz.fr/blog/doc/menu-css3-dropdown-max-height.html

  2. Thanks for this! Have you considered updating this to be able to not only open a menu item, but close it? Say if I opened one menu item, then clicked that same item again and it closes. Currently when you re-click the same item, nothing happens.

    EDIT: maybe it's not even possible with pure CSS? No one else's pure CSS accordion does this either.

    EDIT EDIT: Nevermind, it is possible: http://codepen.io/cmcg/pen/DsbqG

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