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Business Card for the /r/web_design community challenge.


  1. Slick. I like this quite a bit. Turning the white transparent works really well. Spelling "CodePen" as two words kinda bugs me though. :)

  2. Shouln't there be hidden backface?

  3. The backface is hidden, see line 41. I have noticed an issue with FireFox and z-axis rotation so that may cause it not to look right.

  4. Permission to use this concept for my own portfolio? Wouldn't be the same, just a like the concept and idea of the business card.

  5. Go ahead. That's the whole point of CodePen.

  6. Daaannggg...This is super slick. 10/10

  7. Really nice, but from a design standpoint, the dropshadow may be a bit heavy-handed.

  8. This is sooo slick! Minor suggestion though...when the viewport is small from the Y axis, the entire screen shakes to try to accommodate for the rotation. Setting the body to overflow: hidden keeps it steady while rotating.

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