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Image courtesy NASA JPL.


  1. This is very cool!

  2. Brilliant :)

  3. Wow,, this is unbelievable,, but do not get it how this stuff work at all :)

  4. @mkdizajn play with the image on .wall and the perspective value on .scene -- should make a bit more sense.

  5. best pen I've seen yet. great job.

  6. Amazing ppl, amazing technology and great minds! This is the power of human kind imagination! Thank you Noah for sharing...

  7. Man thats awesome! I looked in code and would never came into this by myself! Gratz

  8. I cannot express the level of awesomeness of this pen!

  9. Wow. Wow wow wow. Well done, Noah.

  10. I wanna kill myself !!!!!!!

  11. @og2t Awesome - great idea!

  12. everyone says it's awesome but I don't get it?

  13. Don't stare at this one too long :) http://codepen.io/Daniel-Hug/pen/FbAru It uses the stairs CSS3 Pattern gradient from Lea Verou: http://lea.verou.me/css3patterns/#stairs

  14. Dan Gries @RectangleWorld on

    Wooooaaahhh!!!!!! I'm flying!!!!! Very cool.

  15. Cool! Firefox support?

  16. @zenodub Thx! I fixed the positioning error in Firefox. Any slowness and glitches are related to the fact that Firefox doesnt handle opacity animation very well I believe - would love someone to prove me wrong though.

  17. @noahblon - thanks great work!

  18. Looks cool with a more subtle image :) http://codepen.io/cam/details/eCLpg

  19. Looks pretty cool. But I wonder why this isn't working when I try it with the downloaded files.

  20. @Deathwatch85: I used the prefix-free plugin to keep the code clean without the necesarry browser prefixes needed to make this work. A prefixed version without dependencies is available here: http://codepen.io/noahblon/pen/df31a2bba32b7c347e57e2eb1c252d0d

  21. @noahblon Thanks for the help. It works now in Chrome.

  22. I feel like there should be some Dr. Who music playing with this...

  23. Smashing magazine discover your pen (1 year later :P) Smashingmazine post

  24. Hi ! Is it possible to add a cliquable (web adress) png little image at the center of this wrap? If so, how and where in the code? Thanks a lot to answer me.

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