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	<summary>Accordion title</summary>
	<p>Mandalorians maul solo kessel mothma droid padmé thrawn moff. Antilles organa moff wookiee wookiee. Gonk antilles dantooine yoda sith. Qui-gonn dantooine mandalorians darth. Luuke lando wedge yavin naboo ben. Kit moff calrissian mara luke ackbar.</p>
	<summary>Accordion title 2</summary>
	<p>Lucas ipsum dolor sit amet antilles darth vader tatooine sebulba wedge secura mandalorians padmé c-3p0. Dagobah anakin amidala r2-d2 jawa moff twi'lek greedo darth. Skywalker skywalker wedge jade mon darth. R2-d2 yoda kashyyyk kit skywalker.</p>


	display grid
	min-height 100vh
	place-items center
	align-content center
	font-family system-ui,-apple-system,Segoe UI,Roboto,Ubuntu,Cantarell,Noto Sans,sans-serif,BlinkMacSystemFont,Helvetica Neue,Arial
	width 400px
	background-color #171e13
	border none
	color #e7ddd2
	margin 0.1rem 0
	outline none
	> summary
		list-style none
		padding 1rem
		font-size 1.2rem
		font-weight 500
		letter-spacing 0.03em
		outline none
	> p
		background-color #b47c4b
		color black
		margin 0
		padding 1rem