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  1. I would add a personlization token to this instead of just saying "Campaign Wizard" it would be "Hey Chase, Let's get started with your Campaign"

  2. I would take out "Info" and replace it with "Campaign Name". I would also remove the word "Information" since this is really just the campaign name.

  3. I would have a "Back" and "Next" button as opposed to just "Continue". Ideally these would be on the bottom right but cancel and save are down there. Do you need "cancel and save" down there? I would just have it save automatically in draft mode and the user can delete it if they dont want it. If you did this I would have a "Save/Saved" text with an icon on the bottom left to let them know it is continually saving. Not sure how complicated this would be.

  4. On the "Ads" Screen. I would actually have an image of a Kiosk with a full screen ad on the left and then a picture of an image of a Kiosk with a banner ad on the right. Under I would have "Upload Image".

    The dimensions are going to cause issues, so I would have the verbiage and also have a template the user can download that is a .ps/.ai file with the dimensions already in there.

  5. "Placement- How do you want to reach users?"

    I would split these out into boxes with icons that are side my side (i will moqup this). The icons will help the user quickly understand the difference between a venue, specific kiosk and specific screens.

  6. "Schedule"

    This is the same feedback for Placement. Instead of having these stacked I would have them side by side with a icon that helps the user quickly and visually understand what each one is for. E.g. "Start and Stop" would have a stop watch, "Rules for Specific Days" would have a calendar icon, "Rules for specific times" would have a digital clock (but I am not sure how this would be different than specific days? wouldnt you want the user to click a day and a specific time? As a markerter I would want to pick my day and specific time together, not one or the other)

  7. "Review"

    This is where I would take the icons from each selection and then have a brief description under each. Example:

    User has a Campaign named: West Liberty Q2 that he wants to run ever tuesday and thursday at 9pm, 10pm and 1am

    On the review page you would see:

    [Icon] [Stop Watch] Campaign: West Liberty Q2 | Running: Every Tuesday & Thursday at 9,10,1

    Looks Good Lets Get Started! | Edit

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