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No-js :) Just for fun and practice


  1. Even the background-position is animated, nice touch!

  2. Super cool! Love it!

  3. Thank you :)

  4. It's finished now :)

  5. Awesome!!

  6. Definitely one of the best pens I've seen, and definitely one of my favorites!

  7. This is the most impressive use of "CSS only" I've seen yet. Superb job.

  8. Thank you all :)

  9. We're not worthy!

  10. Killer. I never knew you could do such things with css alone

  11. killer indeed. although user-select would be a nice touch. at the moment it is possible to select apple logo.. :)

  12. Thank you all :) @xevelito what do you mean saying "user-select"?

  13. In my Chrome 26 (OSX) the pad's at the bottom are flickering during the animation. Adding transform: translateZ(1px); to 'body .pad' fixes that.

  14. looks awesome.

  15. How long did this take you?

  16. Thank you all, @anthınyadamski about 2 hours.

  17. WOW ! Impressive result !

  18. Congratulations sir, you're totally overpowered! Awesome work!

  19. You've got to be kidding me!

  20. Ok, this is sick :D Great work!

  21. Thank you :)

  22. Wow! This is amazing.

  23. Wow, this is incredible. Mind blowing!

  24. @noeberg Beautiful! One of my favorite pens yet!

  25. Super))! mac in my heart

  26. спизженно лол

  27. I like it. Good work!

  28. well handled CSS animations.

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