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  1. Just a little tweak to the #plus element :) http://codepen.io/peiche/pen/iCfne

  2. Clever idea Paul :)

  3. Beautiful Burak, but could u please make it available for Firefox and other browsers? just include prefix-free in the CSS settings panel, and then u can remove the vendor prefixes and it will automatically add them for all browsers.

  4. I forked it and did that, good work again Burak. :)

  5. Thank you Sara :) I did it now :)

  6. Awesome effect and idea! I noticed that when expanded the photos run off the top off the body. You may want to set this so they expand downwards while keeping the top placement the same. I know I can just resize the render window but if this were to be used on a real page around the top area it could cause navigation issues.

  7. Lucian, thank you for your idea. But this is not for production use yet :) When it comes to use this in-production, it must have a js fallback because, the dominating browsers are not supporting all features yet(eg.3d transforms-transition)

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