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        width: 300px
        padding: 3px
        border: 1px solid #000
        margin: 0 0 10px 0
        padding: 2px 20px
        border: 1px solid #000
        border-left: 0
        cursor: pointer

        margin: 3px 0
        padding: 10px 0
        border-bottom: 1px dashed #CCC
        cursor: pointer
            background: #CCC
            font-weight: bold
            color: #999
            font-size: 12px
            color: #F00
            font-size: 12px
                content: "-"
                margin: 0 10px

    margin: 10px 0



                ###* @jsx React.DOM ###

NhacCuaTui = ->
    _apiSettings =
        apiURL: ""
        endpointURL: ""

    _yqlExecuteQuery = (yqlStatement) ->
        yqlResult = {}
            url: "#{_apiSettings.endpointURL}#{encodeURIComponent yqlStatement}&format=json"
            cache: no
            async: no
            success: (response) ->
                yqlResult = response
            error: (xmlHttpReq, ajaxOpts, error) ->
                console.log error


    @search = (keyword) ->
        # Mã hóa từ khóa sang dạng URI #
        keyword = encodeURIComponent keyword.trim()
        # Object chứa status và mảng object kết quả #
        result =
            status: false
            items: []

        if keyword isnt ""
            yqlStatement = "SELECT * FROM html WHERE url='#{_apiSettings.apiURL + keyword}' AND xpath='//div[contains(@class, \"bgmusic\")]'"
            yqlResult = _yqlExecuteQuery yqlStatement

            if yqlResult.query.count > 0
                result.status = true
                $.each yqlResult.query.results.div, (idx, item) ->
                        title: item.h3.a.title
                        link: item.h3.a.href
                        artist: item.p.content
                        listen: item.p.span.content


    @get = (link) ->
        result =
            status: false
            link: ""

        if link.trim() isnt ""
            yqlStatement = "SELECT * FROM html WHERE url='#{link}' AND xpath='//div[@class=\"download\"]//a'"
            yqlResult = _yqlExecuteQuery yqlStatement
            if yqlResult.query.count > 0
                result =
                    status: true
                    link: yqlResult.query.results.a.href



SearchBar = React.createClass
    _onClickSearchButtonHandler: ->
        keyword = @refs.keyword.getDOMNode().value.trim()

        if keyword isnt ""
            @props.searchSong keyword
            alert "Please enter keyword."

    render: ->
            <div className="search-bar">
                <input type="text" placeholder="Song name, artist, user, ..." ref="keyword" />
                <button onClick={this._onClickSearchButtonHandler}>Search</button>

SongList = React.createClass
    render: ->
        songList = @props.songList || []

        SongElement = `(<div className="song">
                            <p className="title">(no data)</p>

        if songList.length > 0
            SongElement = ((song, idx) ->
                `(<Song songInfo={song} getSong={this.props.getSong} />)`
            ).bind @
            <div className="song-list">

Song = React.createClass
    _onClickSongHandler: (link) ->
        @props.getSong link

    render: ->
        songInfo = @props.songInfo

            <div className="song" onClick={this._onClickSongHandler.bind(null,}>
                <p className="title">{songInfo.title}</p>
                    <span className="artist">{songInfo.artist}</span>
                    <span className="listen">{songInfo.listen}</span>

Player = React.createClass
    componentDidUpdate: (prevProps, prevState) ->
        videoElement = @refs.videoElement.getDOMNode()

    render: ->
        songLink = || ""

            <div id="player">
                <audio controls autoplay ref="videoElement">
                    <source src={songLink} type="audio/mpeg" />
                    Your browser does not support the audio element.

App = React.createClass
    getInitialState: ->
        songList: []
        songLink: ""

    componentWillMount: ->
        @nhacCuaTui = new NhacCuaTui()

    _searchSong: (keyword) ->
        songList = keyword

        if songList.status
                songList: songList.items

    _getSong: (link) ->
        songLink = @nhacCuaTui.get link

        if songLink.status

    render: ->
            <div id="wrapper">
                <SearchBar searchSong={this._searchSong} />
                <SongList songList={this.state.songList} getSong={this._getSong} />
                <Player link={this.state.songLink} />

React.renderComponent `<App />`, document.body