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              <!-- div.button.button--${button$}*4 -->
<div class="left">
	<div class="button button--1" data-article="article1">button1</div>
	<div class="button button--2" data-article="article2">button2</div>
	<div class="button button--3" data-article="article3">button3</div>
	<div class="button button--4" data-article="article4">button4</div>
<div class="right">
	<div class="article article--active article1" data-article="article1" data-color="#9EFF00">article1</div>
	<div class="article article2" data-article="article2" data-color="#FF1F00">article2</div>
	<div class="article article3" data-article="article3" data-color="#001BFF">article3</div>
	<div class="article article4" data-article="article4" data-color="#FF00E8">article4</div>

	width: 100px
	line-height: 30px
	border: 1px solid black
	border-radius: 10px
	text-align: center

		background-color: #9EFF00
		background-color: #FF1F00
		background-color: #001BFF
		background-color: #FF00E8

	float: left

	float: left
	width: 200px
	height: 150px
	padding: 20px
	background-color: yellow
	text-align: center

	display: none

		display: block
              class Search {
	constructor() {

	init() {

	setConst() {
		this.$window = $(window);
		this.$clickTarget = $(".button");
		this.allArticle = $(".article");
		this.slideTarget = $(".right");
		this.searchData = "article";
		this.activeClass = "article--active"
		//State 現在開いている記事がどれか
		this.oepnedTargetData = "article1";
		this.targetData = null;
		this.$animationTarget = null;
		this.duration = 500;
	attachClickEvent() {
		this.$clickTarget.on("click.test", (event) => {
			const $target = $(event.currentTarget);
			this.targetData = $target.data(this.searchData);
			this.allArticle.each((index, element) => {
				const $element = $(element);

				if (!($element.data(this.searchData) === this.targetData)) {
					//jQueryのメソッド「.each」の中でreturn true をすると、
					return true;

				if (this.targetData === this.oepnedTargetData) {
					//jQueryのメソッド「.each」の中でreturn false をすると、
					//全ての要素への実行を飛ばす。つまり each全体の実行がこの段階で終わる
					return false;

				this.$animationTarget = $element;
				this.color = $element.data("color");

	listenEvent() {
		this.$window.on("trigger.test", () => {
			this.slideTarget.velocity("slideUp", {
				duration: this.duration,
				complete: () => {
					this.slideTarget.css("background-color", this.color)
					.velocity("slideDown", {
						duration: this.duration,
						complete: () => {
							this.oepnedTargetData = this.targetData;

new Search();

Loading ..................