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              <pre><code class="js magic "><span class="l1">magic(function*() {</span>
<span class="l2">    const uri = 'http://date.jsontest.com/';</span>
<span class="l3">    const response = yield fetch(uri);</span>
<span class="l4">    const date = yield response.json();</span>
<span class="l5">    const time = date.time;</span>
<span class="l6">    console.log('time: ', time);</span>
<span class="l7">});</span>

<span class="l8">function magic(generator) {</span>
<span class="l9">    const iterator = generator();</span>
<span class="l10">    const iteration = iterator.next();</span>
<span class="l11">    console.log('iteration: ', iteration);</span>
<span class="l12">    const promise = iteration.value;</span>
<span class="l13">    promise.then(response => {</span>
<span class="l14">        console.log('response: ', response);</span>
<span class="l15">        const anotherIterator = iterator.next(response);</span>
<span class="l16">        const anotherPromise = anotherIterator.value;</span>
<span class="l17">        anotherPromise.then(date => iterator.next(date));</span>
<span class="l18">    });</span>
<button class="prev">Prev</button>
<button class="next">Next</button>
<div class="bubble"></div>

              .bubble {
  color: white;
  background-color: CornflowerBlue;
  position: absolute;
              (function($) {

  var steps = [{
      selector: '.l1',
      text: 'first of all we are calling our magic function with a generator function'
    }, {
      selector: '.l8',
      text: 'this function awaits for a generator function'
    }, {
      selector: '.l9',
      text: 'it\'s calling the generator function (which will return a Generator object)'
    }, {
      selector: '.l10',
      text: 'the iterator object starts executing the generator function'
    }, {
      selector: '.l2',
      text: 'and jumps back to the generator function'
    }, {
      selector: '.l3',
      text: 'here we are yielding a Promise, and this is going to be "returned" to the caller function'
    }, {
      selector: '.l10',
      text: 'the iteration object has got a reference for that Promise object we just "returned" (yielded) from the generator function'
    }, {
      selector: '.l12',
      text: 'more precisely it\'s "value" property holds the reference, let\'s save it in the "promise" object'
    }, {
      selector: '.l13',
      text: 'after "promise" is resolved it is going to call the following function'
    }, {
      selector: '.l15',
      text: 'this function "continues" the execution of the generator function where we just left it, and passes the "response" object to it'
    }, {
      selector: '.l3',
      text: '"response" object has now result of the request'
    }, {
      selector: '.l4',
      text: 'the fetch API provides us a nice way to parse the response to JSON (which is going to give us a Promise)'
    }, {
      selector: '.l4',
      text: 'and we are yielding (let\'s forget about the word "returning" from now on) this Promise to the caller function'
    }, {
      selector: '.l15',
      text: '"anotherIterator" has the reference to that Promise'
    }, {
      selector: '.l16',
      text: 'in it\'s "value" property'
    }, {
      selector: '.l17',
      text: 'and if this Promise is resolved'
    }, {
      selector: '.l17',
      text: 'it is going to give back the result of the json() call to the generator function'
    }, {
      selector: '.l4',
      text: 'now the date has the actual data of the response'
    }, {
      selector: '.l6',
      text: 'and we can simply just log it out!'
    currentIndex = 0;

  $('.next').on('click', prevNextHandler);
  $('.prev').on('click', prevNextHandler);

  function prevNextHandler() {
    var top, left, width;

    top = $(steps[currentIndex].selector).position().top;
    left = $(steps[currentIndex].selector).position().left;
    width = $(steps[currentIndex].selector).outerWidth();

        top: top,
        left: left + width + 10
      .text('← ' + steps[currentIndex].text);

    $(this).hasClass('prev') ? currentIndex === 0 ? null : currentIndex-- : currentIndex === steps.length - 1 ? null : currentIndex++;
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