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Hi!!! This is me trying to reverse engineer the page transitions of http://www.facesofpower.net/


  1. This is awesome!!

  2. Very impressive, and such little code

  3. @pimskie Thanks! And yeah if you don't count importing tweenmax :)

  4. Hi @nsayenko, good pen!

    You are right, actually for facesofpower I've used primitive.js and then anime.js. ;)

  5. @xerses Thanks! I really like your work!

  6. This is great. Thank you for this @nsayenko :) I am trying to learn this and I want to take two svg's furtur down the screen. One is visible and one is hidden. And upon scrollig to a certain extent of the screen the svg morphs into the other and scrolling back up it changes back. So basically I want the same effect triggered with scroll. If anyone could help it would be great :)

  7. hey nat. thats awesome. i read your article at the current "net". damn. thx for the horizon extension…

  8. Great work I tryed the same revers engineering https://codepen.io/uchardon/pen/GmqYdm

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