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%Capo: V fret%
[AM] [G] [F] [C/G] [E]
[AM] [G] [C/G] [AM]
%Verse 1:%
Remember when we were younger we'd [G]all sit and [F]anal[C/G]yze
How we gonna [AM]make things add up and [G]all our [F]lives coinc[C/G]ide [E]
[AM]Many have come and gone and some f[G]ell by the w[F]ays[C/G]ide [E]
To say the [AM]ones left are strong is a th[G]ing that's been t[F]ested and tr[C/G]ied
So many t[E]imes
And I can't dec[F]ide [Fmaj7/E] [C/G]
If the pack gets div[G]ided less likely surv[C/G]ives, that's well recogn[F]ized [Fmaj7/E] [C/G]
It's information rel[G]y [E]
%Verse 2:%
So m[AM]aybe before too long then we sh[G]ould all re[F]organ[C/G]ize [E]
Start to m[AM]ake things add up and [G]all of our l[F]ives coinc[C/G]ide
For a wh[E]ile
For [AM]all that we've done before wait too l[G]ong we s[F]ynchron[C/G]ize [E]
We're gonna g[AM]et things kicked off with a sh[G]ot when every[F]one else ar[C/G]ives
To be pol[E]ite
We should be pol[F]ite [Fmaj7/E] [C/G]
If the pack gets div[G]ided less likely surv[C/G]ives, that's well recogn[F]ized [Fmaj7/E] [C/G]
Intentioned adv[G]ice [E] [F]
What's he not drinking for[C/G]?
Get some more, p[Gsus4]our him some more, p[G]our him some more don't t[C/G]alk [Gsus4] [F]
What's he doing thinking f[C/G]or? That should be left at the d[G]oor [Gsus2] [G]
[C/G] [Gsus4] [C/G] [G] [Gsus2] [G]
[C/G] [Gsus4] [C/G] [G] [Gsus2] [G]
[C/G] [G]
[C/G] [G]
[G7/F] [Bsus4add,,f]
Th[F]is one's this to get the start right
And th[C/G]is one's so it stays right
And th[G]is one's just to wash them both d[C/G]own
Stand up turn ar[F]ound
Put the empty glass on your h[C/G]ead, see if you can stand on one l[G]eg
L[C/G]eaving Lessl[G]eg [C/G]
{Am} [cchord id="g_v4"] {F} [cchord id="c_g"] {E} [cchord id="fmaj7_e"] [cchord id="gsus4_v2"] [cchord id="gsus2"] [cchord id="g7_f"] [cchord id="bsus4addf"]