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[C/G] [F] [C/G] [F] [C/G]
%Verse 1:%
[C/G]Early one morning
With [F]time to kill
I b[AM]orrowed Jebb's rifle
And [F]sat on a hill
I [C/G]saw a lone rider
[F]Crossing the plain
I d[AM]rew a bead on him
To pr[F]actice my aim
[DM]My brother's rifle
Went [G]of in my hand
A s[G]hot rang out
Ac[C/G]ross the land
The h[F]orse, he kept running
The r[AM]ider was dead
I [C/G]hung my head
I [F]hung my head[C/G]
%Verse 2:%
I [C/G]set off running
To [F]wake from the dream
[AM]My brother's rifle
Went [F]into the sheen
I k[C/G]ept on running
In[F]to the south lands
That's w[AM]here they found me
My h[F]ead and my hands
The [DM]sheriff he asked me
[G]Why had I run
And t[G]hen it came to me
Just [C/G]what I had done
And [F]all for no reason
Just [AM]one peace of lead
I [C/G]hung my head
I [F]hung my head[C/G]
%Verse 3:%
[C/G]Here in the court house
The w[F]hole town was there
[AM]I see the judge
Hig[F]h up in the chair
Expl[C/G]ain to the court room
What wen[F]t through you mind
And w[AM]e'll ask the jury
What ve[F]rdict they find
[DM]I felt the power
Of [G]death over life
I or[G]phaned his children
I wi[C/G]dowed his wife
I be[F]gged their forgiveness
I w[AM]ish I was dead
I [C/G]hung my head
I [F]hung my head
I [C/G]hung my head
I [F]hung my head[C/G]
%Verse 4:%
[C/G]Early one morning
With [F]time to kill
[AM]I see the gallows
[F]Up on a hill
And [C/G]out in the distance
A t[F]rick of the brain
I s[AM]ee a lone rider
Cro[F]ssing the plain
And [DM]he'd come to fetch me
To [G]see what they'd done
And [G]we'd ride together
To k[C/G]ingdom come
I [F]prayed for god's mercy
For [AM]soon I'd be dead
I [C/G]hung my head
I [F]hung my head
I [C/G]hung my head
I [F]hung my head
[C/G] [F] [C/G] [F] [C/G] [F] [C/G] [F] [C/G]
[cchord id="c_g"] {F} {Am} {Dm}