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                <h1>Bookmarklet maker / Favelet maker</h1>
<label for="txar">%code%:</label>
		<dt>Due "inline" nature of bookmarklet, you shall:
		<dd>- not use line commnets (<strong>//</strong>) ever (or even better do not comment at all)
		<dd>- use semicolons (<strong>;</strong>) between statements
<textarea cols="70" rows="30" wrap="off" id="txar" onkeyup="hrefize()">
alert('Hello, ' + document.title);
This code will be straightforwardly inlined, so:
-	semicolons everywhere
-	no inline comments
Also, no transforms, sanitizing and so on will be made.

<label for="titlel">%title%:</label> 
<input id="titlel" type="text" onkeyup="hrefize()" value="Hello" />

<label>Your Resulting Bookmarklet:</label>
<span data-note="just wrapper for innerHTML retrieval" class="the_wrapper"><a
	id="lnk" title="here will be title" href="#here_will_be_generated_javascript_uri"
>here will be title</a></span> – right click &amp; bookmark it OR drag it into bookmark toolbar.
<p><label for="check">Actual result:</label> &lt;a
	href="javascript:(function(){inlinized <label for="txar">%code%</label>})();"
	title="<label for="titlel">%title%</label>"&gt;<label for="titlel">%title%</label>&lt;/a&gt;
<p><textarea id="check" rows="5"></textarea>
<h2>Some bookmarklets</h2>
<dl class="bmls">
 <dt><a id="set_body_width" href="javascript:(function(){document.getElementsByTagName('html')[0].style.width=document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].style.width=prompt('body%20width?','2000px')})();">Set body width</a>
	 <dd>test pages display in viewport larger than yours.
 <dt><a id="reformat_and_pretty_print_javascript_source" title="JS prettyPrint" href="javascript:(function(){var pre = document.getElementsByTagName('pre'); if( !pre || !pre.length ) throw 'No PRE tag found'; pre = pre[0]; if ( pre.className.indexOf('prettyprinted') > -1 ) throw 'You shall not overprettify!'; pre.className = 'prettyprint lang-js'; = 'none'; = '0px'; = '4'; = '4'; var prettify_css = document.createElement('link'); prettify_css.type = 'text/css'; prettify_css.rel = 'stylesheet'; prettify_css.href = ''; prettify_css.href = ''; var beautify = document.createElement('script'); beautify.type = 'text/javascript'; beautify.src = ''; beautify.onload = function () { pre.innerHTML = js_beautify(pre.innerHTML, {jslint_happy:1,indent_size:1,indent_char:'\t'}); document.body.appendChild( prettify_js ); document.body.appendChild( prettify_css ); }; var prettify_js = document.createElement('script'); prettify_js.type = 'text/javascript'; prettify_js.src = ''; prettify_js.onload = function () { prettyPrint(); }; document.body.appendChild( beautify );})();">JS prettyPrint</a>
 	<dd>when viewing source, fire up <a href=""></a>'s magic and then colour it with <a href="">google-code-prettify</a>
<h2>Some libraries</h2>
<dl class="bmls">
 <dt>Slayeroffice Favelet Suite
 	<dd><a href=""></a>
 <dt>Squarefree bookmarklet library
 	<dd><a href=""></a>
 <dt>Pixy's "Let's Favelets"
 	<dd><a href=""></a>
 <dt>Kevin Smith's "Favelets - Some Folks Call Them Bookmarklets"
 	<dd><a href=""></a>


html *{font-family:"Courier New",monospace}

dt a,
	border: outset black;
	background-color: black;
	padding: 5px; 
	display: inline-block;

:target {
	border-color: red !important;
	font-size: 2em;
	padding: 0.2em;

textarea {
	width: 99%;
	-moz-tab-size: 4;
	tab-size: 4;

#titlel {
	width: 50%;
button {
	background-color: transparent;
	color: #ccc;
button dl {
	display: none;
button:focus {
button:focus dl {
	display: block;	
h1, h2 {
	font-size: 1em;
	font-weight: normal;
.the_wrapper {
	border: 3px solid yellow;
	display: inline-block;


                var txar = document.getElementById('txar');
var lnk = document.getElementById('lnk');
var check = document.getElementById('check');
var titlel = document.getElementById('titlel');

// txar.focus();

function hrefize()
{	var src = txar.value
		.replace( /\n/g, ' ' )
		.replace( /\s\s*/g, ' ' )
		.replace( /^ | $/g, '');
;	var pref = '(function(){'
;	var suff = '})();'
;	if ( src.indexOf( pref ) == 0 )
	{	pref = ''
	;	suff = ''
;	lnk.href 
	=	'javascript:'
	+	pref
  	+	src
  	+	suff
;	lnk.title = lnk.innerHTML = titlel.value
;	check.value = lnk.parentNode.innerHTML