Since i have been doing R&D on Health Care Portals UI, I have done 100+ UI's, but this time the job is challenging one. I have everything as RAW data & non optimized process. I have to transform this data into a new trend and bring my company from ice age to modern world of design.

My presentation is goal oriented, i have done 8 hours of research and taken few points to put my thoughts into the head of Doctors panel, they don't know the trends but they love the new UI's. Since task is not difficult if i have to start on the web, but this is the portal and have 10types of views and 100s types of modules. Thus the process have more hurdles.

Basically 2 types of design trends are followed today *1. Modern UI (IxD based designs) 2. Classical model based UI *

But with the growing technology, reforms & new trends UI have been changed a lot. Highlighting the basic points with respect to our requirement.

Modern UI

- Fast & Responsive - Grid based and optimized code - UX based process flow - Android/iOS device compatibility - only one code throughout every device

Classical UI

- Complex & desktop based only - table based & non-optimized code - model oriented process flow - no compatibility with new devices - different codes/sub-domains for different view-ports

Since the above points are only for the Non-IT people, for IT people the portal is good as long as it is according to the W3 and google tehnologies. So the code will have more features:

- Optimized code - W3 validated & zero error console - Minimized libraries - Minimum server requests and CDN dependent - Proper framework oriented (Bootstrap or ZURB whatever) - No deadlock into the loop and any module - Proper interlinking and Codeblock process