About upcoming feature changes in Google Partners. However, some features will be removed altogether. As of April 2018, these three features will no longer be available:

  1. Leads
  2. Google Partner Search
  3. Insights


If you are owning a company, and you are admin in Google Partners. You were accessing the Leads features. When we remove the Leads feature, you’ll no longer be able to contact the advertiser from the Leads page in the Partners portal or change the status of a lead, and you’ll no longer have access to the Analytics tab in your My company page. However, you’ll still see contact information for any previous leads.

Google Partner Search

  1. Search results
  2. Search filters and navigation elements, such as the agency search bar on the company profile page
  3. Search views, Profile views, and Lead inquiries in the Analytics tab of your My company page
  4. Company profile pages will stay live, and you’ll still be able to link to your company’s public profile page from your company’s Partner or Premier Partner badge image.


All Google Partners users had access to Insights. After romving the Insights feature, you will no longer be able to find documents that were previously in the Insights section. To find our e-learning courses, exams and certifications, visit Academy for Ads. For market insights and trends, check Think with Google.

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