Technologies and the Future Web Applications. Also as per my experience, i would like to recommend to the Marketing based Organisations to update the current Front-end Coding, Framework based libraries, Code library module, CORS, PWA, Machine Compatible and Performance Oriented code.

Giving solid base to my research and the technology requirement here I'm presenting some flow to our work. Since most of the Organisations have big structures, you can addopt the modules like these:

  • Landing Pages

  • Branding Pages

  • Blog transformation

  • Newsletter optimization

  • Whole website optimization

What technology demands

All these pages will be based on the Framework structure, i do recommend the Bootstrap. But we have options too Zurb Foundation & Bulma Framework. Also you can optimize the Bootstrap as per you need. As an Organisation you do need the developers, who will work with me on these modules (ASP or PHP based – your decision). For the Front-end coding and UX work call the Expert who do take responsibility for the best output and IxD solution. Also while working on these do the AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages for the same pages FIFO basis. Just as to take the full advantage of technology.

Some Research on Linux based technologies:

  1. PHP is serving the 2/3 of web applications. Ref: Based on Netcraft's July 2010 Web Server Survey of 205,714,253 sites, 112,945,968 (54.90%) are hosted on Apache and 53,217,620 (25.87%) are hosted on Windows; the rest are hosted on other platforms.
  2. Brands like,, WikiPedia,, & MySpace(PHP) are based on Linux platform.
  3. There is no other programming language that could beat the speed at which PHP is capable of operating.
  4. PHP is supportive across all other platforms and processes and so is it when it comes to Databases.
  5. Number of organisations, Brands prefer PHP over ASP for the flexibility that it offers.

Remarks on Technology:

  1. Speed and performance are the two advantages that you can enjoy over the servers when using PHP, unlike ASP.Net that exhibits a poor performance.
  2. PHP is a language, but .NET is a whole platform comprising different technologies.
  3. There is nothing superior than .NET, .NET is mother of all the technologies.
  4. Of course, PHP is not streamlined to meet the modern needs but ASP.NET is and provides a vast number of options to programmer
  5. Both PHP and ASP.Net are highly scalable.

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