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                <div id="app">
        <mds-section bold :title="chartAriaLabel" :aria-label="chartAriaLabel" aria-describedby="aria-description">
            <span id="aria-description" class="accessibly-hidden"> {{ chartAriaDescription }}</span>
            <mce-layout :plot-width="plotWidth" :plot-height="plotHeight" :legend-right-width="legendRightWidth">
                <template #legend-right>
                        <mce-legend-group title="Asset Allocation">
                            <mce-legend-item v-for="row in fullData" :key="" :label="row.label" :value="row.value | format" :color="chartColors[]" key-type="donut"></mce-legend-item>

                <!-- Main plot (default slot) -->
                <mce-donut-plot :color="chartColors" :data="chartData" :data-focused="focusedData" :height="plotHeight" :width="plotWidth" @mousemove-plot="onMousemovePlot"

        <!-- provide an accessible alternative for screen-readers -->
        <mds-table class="table">
            <div class="accessibly-hidden">
                <mds-th>Asset Class</mds-th>
                <mds-th right-aligned>Allocation %</mds-th>
                <mds-tr v-for="row in fullData" :key="">
                    <mds-td> {{ row.label }} </mds-td>
                    <mds-td right-aligned> {{ row.value | format }} </mds-td>


                // All mixins, constants, and typography from MDS are available for use

@mixin mds-accessibly-hidden() {
    clip: rect(0 0 0 0);
    left: 0;
    position: absolute;
    z-index: -1;

body {
    margin: $mds-space-1-x;
    padding: 0;

.accessibly-hidden {
    @include mds-accessibly-hidden();

.table {
    margin-top: $mds-space-4-x;
    max-width: 400px;



                // Locally we would import from the d3 package, e.g.
// import * as d3 from 'd3';
// In CodePen, we'll pull from instead.
import * as d3 from "";

// Locally we would import from the @mce/color package, e.g.
// import { assetAllocation } from '@mce/color';
// In CodePen, we'll pull from window.utilities.color instead.
const { assetAllocation } = window.utilities.color;

// Prepare chart source data
const rawData = [
        id: "AssetAllocCash",
        label: "Cash",
        value: 4.74688,
        id: "AssetAllocNotClassified",
        label: "Not Classified",
        value: 1.53654,
        id: "AssetAllocNonUSEquity",
        label: "Non-U.S. Equity",
        value: 27.24799,
        id: "AssetAllocOther",
        label: "Other",
        value: 0.0,
        id: "AssetAllocUSEquity",
        label: "U.S. Equity",
        value: 37.11866,
        id: "AssetAllocBond",
        label: "Fixed Income",
        value: 29.34991,

const chartColors = {
    AssetAllocNotClassified: assetAllocation['not-classified'],
    AssetAllocNonUSEquity: assetAllocation.alternative,
    AssetAllocOther: assetAllocation.other,
    AssetAllocUSEquity: assetAllocation.equity,
    AssetAllocBond: assetAllocation['fixed-income'],

// Initialize and render chart
const app = new Vue({
    el: "#app",
    data() {
        return {
            // Descriptive Labels
                "Vanguard Global Wellington Fund Admiral Shares (VGWAX)",
                "The allocation breakdown across asset classes for the Vanguard Global Wellington Fund Admiral Shares (VGWAX) fund. The fund is well diversified across asset classes with 37% allocated to U.S. Equity, 29% Fixed Income, 27% Non-U.S. Equity, and around 5% Cash.",
            // Dimensions
            plotHeight: 350,
            plotWidth: 350,
            legendRightWidth: 170,
            focusedData: null,
    computed: {
        fullData() {
            // Show all values, including zero, in the legend
            return rawData.sort((a, b) => b.value - a.value);
        chartData() {
            // Ignore zero values to avoid unwanted pie padAngle slices
            return this.fullData.filter((d) => d.value > 0);
    filters: {
        format(value) {
            return d3.format(",.2%")(value / 100);
    methods: {
        onMousemovePlot(e) {
            const { data } = e;
            this.focusedData = [data._itemId];
        onMouseleavePlot() {
            this.focusedData = null;