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   <div style="padding: 24px 40px;">
     <p>You will need to edit the <code>js</code> and add your own <strong>Marketo POD ID</strong> and your <strong>Marketo Munchkin ID</strong>.</p>
  <p>The <code>css</code> will also need to be added into your bundle or added to your landing pages using a <code>style</code> tag</p>
   <form id="mktoForm_1"></form>


                .mktoForm {
  visibility: hidden;

  &[data-styles-ready="true"] {
    visibility: visible;


 * @author Jeff Reiner
 * @version v2
 * @license MIT License: This license must appear with all reproductions of this software.
 * Create a completely barebones, user-styles-only Marketo form
 * by removing inline STYLE attributes and disabling STYLE and LINK elements
 * Updated version based off original here:

// take formId from the form element already on the page
var mktoFormId = document
  .replace("mktoForm_", "");

var mktoFormConfig = {
  podId: "YOUR POD ID",
  munchkinId: "YOUR MUNCHKIN ID"

// load the form from Marketo with our data 

// the function that destyles the existing form
function destyleMktoForm(mktoForm, moreStyles) {
  var formEl = mktoForm.getFormElem()[0];

  // remove element styles from <form> and children
  var styledEls = Array.from(formEl.querySelectorAll("[style]")).concat(formEl);

  styledEls.forEach(el => el.removeAttribute("style"));

  // disable remote stylesheets and local <style>s
  var styleSheets = Array.from(document.styleSheets);

  styleSheets.forEach(ss => {
    if (
      [mktoForms2BaseStyle, mktoForms2ThemeStyle].indexOf(ss.ownerNode) != -1 ||
    ) {
      ss.disabled = true;

  if (!moreStyles) formEl.setAttribute("data-styles-ready", "true");

// run the destyler function on the currnet marketo form
MktoForms2.whenRendered(form => destyleMktoForm(form));

// @NOTE: remove before use!!!
// this is a demo thing that prevents the form from submitting here for testing
// MktoForms2.whenReady(form =>
//   form.onSubmit(form =>
//     form.submittable(document.location.hash == "#enableForm")
//   )
// );